Any Parks In Denmark?

Monday, October 8, 2001 3:32 PM
Just wondering if there are any parks in Denmark because there's this one hot foreign exchange student (female) in my P.E. class that I talk to everyday about stuff and we were talking about coasters and I brought up Lego Land. If you didn't know, Lego's are made there. But other then that, are there any other parks?
Monday, October 8, 2001 3:36 PM
I think the World's oldest amusment park is in Copenhagen. I thinks it's called Tivolli Gardens. It opened in 1583.
Monday, October 8, 2001 4:32 PM
lol.  That was pretty funny.  I know lots of people don't really take the time to learn about amusement park history but you should know some.  I know this park doesn't stand out a lot other than being the world's oldest park but still.... that was classic.
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Monday, October 8, 2001 6:22 PM
Ya, here ya go. You should go to sometime. You could learn about some foriegn parks by using the tree view.

 Djurs Sommerland
 Fårup Sommerland
 Legoland Billund
 Sommerland Syd
 Tivoli Friheden
 Varde Sommerland
 Sommerland Sjælland
 Tivoli Gardens

Tuesday, December 17, 2002 11:18 AM
The oldest amusement park is actualy Bakken, wich is also in Denmark
Tuesday, December 17, 2002 11:55 AM
Ask her about the Dog Fart ride in BonBon-Land, that should leave a good impression. :)

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Tuesday, December 17, 2002 12:13 PM
Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen has one of the oldest coasters in the world there, if not the oldest coaster built in 1914. It's this 100 ft. mine train coaster that goes through a mountain. I stopped there on a vacation, it's a pretty fun park, although VERY expensive. I have a Hard Rock shirt from there too. Good times.
Tuesday, December 17, 2002 8:50 PM

The oldest continually operating coaster is the Scenic Railway at Melbourne's Luna Park. Tivoli's mine-themed Scenic Railway is second.

RCDB lists it at a side-friction coaster, though the ride type isn't known as any more than Scenic Railway. They are basically the predecessors to today's wooden coasters with upstops and guide wheels, instead having flanged steel wheels running on steel rails. They also have a brakeman who adjusts the speed and stops the ride, and a cable lift, similar to a rope tow in beginner areas at some ski resorts.

So what if the best coaster in Australia is a second hand Arrow?


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