Any news on Lesourdsville lakes rides?

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I know the park is not going to operate again.

Has anyone been near the park as of late? I was just wondering what is left of the park today. Has there been a auction at the park?

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I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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There was an auction of many of the Flat and Portible rides, including the Serpent, but rides like the Eagle, Carousel and Log Flume were supposed to remain because Jerry Couch couldn't bring it on himself to part with them.

I would also like to know what is happening with those mentioned rides.

The Calypso, Flyers and another ride went to Fun Spot.

The Rock O Plane went to Coney island Cincinnati.

The Electric Rainabow went to Strickers Grove (Awaiting a part being fabricated)

Scrambler went to Kissel shows, Not Kissel bros.

Unsure about many other rides, The Pirate, Whip, Screechin Eagle, Flume, Skyride, Giant Slide, Serpent are all still there.

The Tilt A Whirl went somewhere, Not sure where at present.

Jerry Couch purchased All four Fantasy Farm properties and is currently leveling most of it. Looks to me that he will have a 500+ RV site, Pool and a small park when he's done. IM almost possitive the park will be reserved for his resort guest. He will also have a huge showroom out in front when he's done.


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Darn, I wish the flyers had gone to park that didn't already have flyers, like maybe Arnold's Park or Adventureland. ;)

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Long live the Big Bad Wolf

When I was at Fun Spot in late Aug. They were using the Fun Spot frame and the tubs from Lesourdsville.

Strange too as it's a ten tub model operated with only eight tubs. Two tubs have clean air all the time.


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I will take the Eagle since no other Ohio park (or anyone else) wants it. :(


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Chuck, do you have picts from your Fun Spot trip? I looked at your Youtube site... Didn't see any.

Also, has Coney opened that said Rock O Plane?

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Two tubs have clean air all the time.

Hybrids? ;)

John, I took video at the park and it wasn't untill ten minutes before I left the park that I realized I had bad tape.

All the video on my you tube is from 2005 trips. Gonna do my 2006 shortly.

Moosh, Yeah, Really Hybirds. IMHO the best flyers outside of knoebels there are. But you have to feather your steering or you'll be all out of shape :)

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^ Chuck, are you saying that they "still" only have 8 tubs on that Scooter, skill, even though they use the Americana one?

Also, where did they put the Caylpso?
No clue what the other ride was, eh?

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