Any new photos of SFNO?

Are there any photos of inside Six Flags New Orleans since those ones taken shortly after Katrina hit? Or does anyone have any idea what the park looks like right now (aside from Batman gone)?

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I actually have them I went there when they were taking down batman. I wont be able to get them until next week but, I will email them to you if you would like. Also the park strangley looked exactly the same except for the removal of BTR, and it was kind of eerie.

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So when you mean it looks the same, aside from Batman, everything else has just been sitting there and rotting?

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Yes. Last time I saw it there was little to no change. (sans Batman)

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Google Maps has updated the satellite imagery to around November or December of 2005 (right after the hurricane). You can get a really good idea how extensive the damage is from those images.
Dang,Mega is under water. I cant believe how bad it is. My regards to NO. And coastebuzzers give the new people a break.

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Yeah Mega Zeph was my 4th favorite woody and it had G trains. Right it basically is like SFNO of old except that up to a certain level is mold and stuff and Jester last time I saw looked like it needed a paintjob.

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