Any Maverick/2007 Merchandise Available on CP Web Store?

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I know that T-Shirts have been widely available on the Cedar Point website for awhile, even before the park opened for the season... just as well, they've had hats and possibly other clothing.

However, is there any truly NEW merchandise available either at the park or not-quite-updated on the website? The stuff I'm inquiring about includes:

1> Cedar Point-Opoly. Has this been updated for the '07 season with the inclusion of Maverick?

2> Key Chains. Is there a Maverick one?

3> Videos. They still have the old one that I think was release in 2005. Any new ones available yet? Did they ever mount a camera on the train & take an official video as-of-yet?

4> Patches, Pins, Lighters? None on the website... how about at least in one of the souvineer shops? This is the first year in like 6yrs I won't be making it to the park... so I'm curious if the souvineer shops offer more than the on-line store.

From my June trip, all I remember seeing was baseball caps and t-shirts, but I wasn't looking for anything else.

The one thing I thought they kind of missed out on with the t-shirts was that each of the trains has a name like "Bart," for example. It would've been cool if they had a shirt that had the train color/mineral on the left side and then its a.k.a. name on the right side.

Even better would be to have all six trains in the different colors with the names prominently displayed like on the ride.

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When I was there I did notice one thing on a tshirt. There is a tshirt that's been out for a while with a "concert list" type of listing of the coasters. That one is now updated with Maverick on there. When I was there I think I did see some Maverick merchandise in the park, but I cannot remember specifically what it was. But it IS more than tshirts and keychains.
There's a ton of Maverick stuff in the park, but i'm not sure about ordering online. I never even knew CP had online sales.

My guess is that they'll only allow those who ridden the opportunity to purchase Maverick merchandise. Then allowing others to purchase via web in the future.

There's everything from Hats, Shirts, Shorts, Guns, Shot glasses, toys, and more. The gift shop attached has a lot of crap in it.

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#1 - Cedarpointopoly has not been updated that I know of.

#2 I have seen a couple keychains in the park, non online yet.

#3 Videos for sale don't include Maverick yet, but video has been shot.

#4 Not sure if I've seen patches, but I think there's at least a pin.

In the shop at Maverick's exit, there are mugs, shot glasses, and plenty of different tshirts.

Some of the newer tshirts are available online, as well as a couple tshirts, and a Maverick ornament. But that's about it.

There are a ton of stuff. In the Maverick store when you exit Maverick to look at your pics!
There are a ton of stuff?! That are outstanding!

Rich G

There's nothing particularly unique in terms of merchandise for Maverick from what I could see when I walked into the Maverick gift shop from the door by the Chick-Fil-A; just your basic T-shirts, sweatshirts, shotglasses, etc.

I found out that you don't have to ride the ride in order to go in that gift shop you're forced into after finishing the ride. I don't see why CP would turn people away from going in there via the door from the midway if they were going to potentially spend some cash on merch.

Who's forcing you to walk into the Hitchin' Post. There's a set of stairs right after the exit gate.

Not really sure on the name of the gift shop now (formally Discount Depot), but they have a lot of Maverick merchandise.

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