Any ideas when SF can start building coasters agai

Monday, September 29, 2003 10:35 PM
We know tha SFI is have very bad fanacial problems. I hope this doesn't lat more than say 2 years. I'd like to see the rumored hypers for SFOG, SFNO, SFWOA and SFStL get built by 2006-2007 at the latest. 2004 is out of the question and 2005 I have heard looks doubtful. I hope we don't have to wait another 5-6 years before even ONE of those park gets a hyper especially SFOG of SFStL which I think are the best two SF parks that are still lacking a S:ROS@SFNE clone! Yes that would be ONE coaster I would LOVE to see cloned and anyone who'd complain about that one being clone is an idiot!!! But I think an improved version of that ride with a Stengel Dive would even be better!!! A SF park with a long seaon needs an airtime hyper like that and the only hypers in long seasons SF parks are the two Geovanola hypers that hve only one of two airtime spots. I was VERY disappointed when I've heard that SFMM & SFOT did NOT choose to build a S:ROS type hyper! But most of the rumors I've seen for those other parks indicated either an Intamin hyper of a B&M hyper. I they go the B&M route I hope they try to make a first drop that is sharp and steep enough to work even in the fron seat like on the Intamin coaster. In fact if a B&M hyper had a first drop of that quality with an out & back layour full of airtime hills with zero airtimeless hills it would be very possibly to make it better than S:ROS @SFNE since I like the roomy (for me) B&M Speedcoaster. Even with the lapbar down to less than one inch of space the B&M feels much more roomier because of legroom and you still get that floating feeling even when you are snug. To me those trains do not destract from the ride experience. I sure hope that I don't have to wait another 6-7 years for SFI like VF does when it come to adding major coasters. Before I know it I will be an old man and not have much life left to enjoy these coasters that I wish for. Well there is hope if Titan Thrills can get their proposed Phoenic park off the ground.
Tuesday, September 30, 2003 3:14 AM
I've heard that SFWoA was supposed to get their hyper in 2004, even going as far as do soil testing but due to SFI's troubles, it has been postponed - again.

Hopefully 2004 will be a turnaround for the company and coasters will return in 2005.

X Factor

Tuesday, September 30, 2003 3:27 AM
I'd really imagine that it would be pretty difficult to clone SFNE's RoS. There is pretty extensive terrain differentiations, plus the site itself is a very unique shape. I think it would be hard to make it work.
Tuesday, September 30, 2003 4:58 AM
This reeks of a wishlist...

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