Any hope? (Parking Pass)

I get my pass at Dorney every year for the last three years and usually add on a parking sticker at GL/CP. This year now that they will go back to putting them on the pass itself, is their anyway to get the ohio parking pass even though I am a Dorney Park Season Passholder?

We get it at Dorney because we are out there a few times a year and it's cheaper, but now im just concerned with the whole parking thing this year.

Will CP or GL or whatnot be able to add a parking sticker or anything to enable us to buy a parking pass of a sort?

That is so stupid. They are going back to the sticker on the car window at WoF and you guys are going to the icon on the passport. *sigh*
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I know that Kings Island has decided to stay with the parking on pass system. Will any other CF parks go this smart route?

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That's what the current word is, but there has not been any official announcement yet (that I am aware of).

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Anybody have an answer for my question by chance?

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Your best bet is to e-mail the park.

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Looks like WoF is going to put the parking pass on your season pass for $35.00, and you can purchase additional parking passes (as long as you have the same address as the person who bought the first season parking pass) for $10. Looks like they realized that the sticker was not such a popular idea after all.

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