Any details on events this fall?

Probably too early to ask, but we're planning a trip to Cleveland for late October. Is Coasterbuzz hosting an event at Cedar Point this fall? We sure would love to come... Thanks for any details that anyone can offer, even if it's pure speculation!

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Even if CBuzz is not hosting one, there are some events this fall.

check out

SWOOSH -- MidwestInfoGuide.COM

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BooBuzz: Cedar Point, Saturday, October 11, 2008, $44/12.

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We're running two events this fall...

Registration is open for the Fall Affair at Holiday World. BooBuzz requires membership (or come as a member's guest), but otherwise requires no pre-registration.

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Doh! I KNEW I had been to the club page before to find the event info. I guess the big red "COASTERBUZZ CLUB" button on the home page is too clearly defined. Thanks for the info, guys, and maybe see you either at CP or HW. Mmmm, The Voyage at night!

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