Any chance of removing this ad from the site?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 2:19 PM

I'd like to be able to browse CBuzz without having to scroll down really fast to avoid ads. And I'd like to browse CBuzz without spending $20 to remove these sexual ads.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 2:24 PM
The ads are there, so you don't have to pay that $20. If you use the site alot and you want the ads gone, i suggest you Make the ads go away and join CoasterBuzz Club for a Nickel a day! *** Edited 11/23/2005 7:25:47 PM UTC by j_o_e_y__***
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 2:36 PM
Yes, I agree that if you don't want the ads, pay the $20. I just ignore the ads (including the ones some might consider to be sexual), but I can understand where SFGAdv lover is coming from. Especially since Jeff himself went on a rant a while back about how we objectify women and villify them at the same time, the teenage girls he works with have body issues because of various societal pressures, etc.

But the bottom line is, while suggestions are welcome, the owner of this site can run it however he wants. If you find the ads that bothersome, pay the $20.

*** Edited 11/23/2005 7:37:56 PM UTC by Danimales***

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 2:38 PM
It's ads like this that make me wish I wasn't a club member. ;)
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 3:32 PM
But the problem with the club, and that ad is that there are young teens on here (12, 13). And those are inapropiate. And they can't just buy a club membership since they are only 12, or 13. But I do agree that those kind of ads should be taken off.
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 3:50 PM
I like the ads.
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 3:52 PM

And those are inapropiate.

To who? I don't find them inappropriate. Assuming we skip the whole "body is bad" debacle, it's still no more than you'd see at any beach.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 3:58 PM
And that's worse than any 12-13 year old can see on MTV/movies/any form of popular
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 4:02 PM
Exactly what BigJim said. I meen, she has clothes on! :P
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 4:27 PM
Ever been to a waterpark? I'm pretty sure they let 12 year olds in.
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 4:31 PM
Water park? Try the mall. It's amazing how many ass cracks one sees when you pass by the Claire's store.

You can cough of the $20 so I don't need ads or you can not visit the site. Either way, I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 4:36 PM
Good god, just watch any rap video and you'll see much worse. Personally, if you had to compare the sexuality of ads, the one with the "Desparate Houswife-ish" woman with her ample bossom(s?) spilling out is worse (as seen on Screamscape as well). Looking at the former ad, she's wearing what I would consider to be conservative underwear by today's standards, and her rear-end is covered. Now If she was wearing a thong and bent over along with two other strippers then yeah I would say that crosses the line just a bit. That last part was real. I had postcard fliers attached to my car after a concert at Nation in Washington, D.C. last year.

If you want to talk offensive, you should check out my in-box everyday. I'd list the male enhancement/performance ads I get, but some readers might be senstive to the nature of these spam emails, so I won't list them here. I'm sure everyone else has already seen them anway.


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