Anxious for a coaster fix.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002 1:24 PM
It has seemed like a long, but unseasonably warm winter here in PA. Snowboarding normally fills my appetite when I can't ride coasters. With the poor conditions this winter it hasn't been worthwhile to snowboard, so I am really in need of a coaster ride. I wish when the weather is like it is (They are calling for 60 degree temps this weekend,) that local parks would open up at least a section of the park. I guess we could only wish. How many other people have been feeling like this?
Tuesday, March 5, 2002 4:22 PM

Yeah, its was a warm summer here, but it's cold right now, but we all have to live with it. Normally I can wait until the parks open up. Its not that much longer.

Also, if Kennywood were to open up a section of the park, they would have to reassemble a lot of the flat rides. Many things would have to be done, and I honestly don't things could be finished in one day.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2002 5:25 PM
I wish the parks would just not close at all. I'd ride coasters in the cold weather. Even though i know the parks wouldn't get too much business and should just use this time to inspect the rides and all that crap i still wish i lived near an all year park cause right now i'm going crazy.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2002 5:30 PM
Yeah, I'm going through coaster withdrawal right now. I still have until May 4th until I can ride first coaster of the season and I haven't been on one since Oct. 26th. But I get to ride X this summer so it will all be worth the wait in the end!
Tuesday, March 5, 2002 5:39 PM
Im counting the days until I'll be on the Beast again April 5th!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2002 5:44 PM

Oh Titan, I know you are waiting for me - I will be there Sunday I promise. LOL!

Thank goodness Texas parks open FRIDAY!!!!

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