Another Wooden Mouse Discovered

Some friends of mine have just returned from a trip to Indonesia, where they discovered a previously unknown wooden wild mouse coaster:

This means that there are now *two* wooden wild mice in Indonesia. There are three more worldwide, two in Australia, and one in England.

I think I know what my next destination is going to be....

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Wow! That would be great to ride! I'm so glad to hear there are more of these than I had thought.


Cedar Point's Scamper was exactly like that ride, and aside from the childhood trauma those pictures brought back, it was cool to see a closeup of the layout again. Now that I think of it, LeSourdesville had one too, in the early sixties, but I was too young to go on it.

I've never been to Blackpool, but to me that mouse is the holy grail. I would love to make it my next destination...

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The Blackpool mouse is AMAZING. Imagine the second half of Voyage in a little wild mouse car tossing your around with just a seat belt.

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I've not done the two Indonesian ones (yet!) but of the other three the Blackpool one is definitely the best.

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It just so happens I found a picture of another one:

On a related note, I see that there's now an entry on rcdb for the Wild Mouse that was located in Aberdeen, Scotland - the very ride that made me post here for the first time :)

I rode it in 1977 but until now haven't been able to unearth any information about the ride, not even having contacted the Central Library in Aberdeen... Nice to know I didn't imagine it after all :)

Matt, you'll have to come back for more rides - I still didn't get a clear pic of you on it ;)

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^^LOL, Tee and then a Hee!

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^^^ That's awesome. I want one.

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invy said:
On a related note, I see that there's now an entry on rcdb for the Wild Mouse that was located in Aberdeen, Scotland - the very ride that made me post here for the first time :)

VERY thankful for that mouse....cheers, mate! :)

Josh - you're plain silly. Highly approve! :)

...and RCMAC, Blackpool's is everything you've been hearing, and then some!

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Bill - who'd have thought after all these years... :) I am still so glad that Jill and I jumped the fence at the last minute, it was a hilariously violent end to a great (if overly busy) day!

Remember, you guys still have to get your Dipper credit so don't wait too long to come back and, of course, Matt and Joe need their Rollercoas, erm, Nickelodeon Streak credit...

(Just for the record, I'm more than chuffed to see Rollercoaster renamed, painted orange and running than to see Rollercoaster not running, painted white and demolished) :)

Josh - your wood has an aesthetically pleasing curve to it... :)

CDemon, RCMAC - you'd not be disappointed :)

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Absolutely amazing!! Looks identical to the old wooden mouse (minus the theming) that I rode at Frontierland in Morecombe, UK.

The Blackpool mouse is indeed awesome, but my vague memory tells me the one at Southport was even better (although to be fair it's easy to be nostalgic about a ride that no longer operates).

Good to know a few more still exist somewhere.

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I wonder if Santa Cruz will ever see another one again:

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^^I remember the one at Southport as well. Rode it in 2002. I can't remember which I liked better. Both were great! Nothing like being thrown up out of your seat and then making a hard left turn!

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Very cool find!

I rode the mouse at Southport and the mouse at Blackpool within a few days of each other in 2006 and I vastly preferred the one at Blackpool. I don't really remember why though.

They painted Rollercoaster ORANGE?!?! O_O

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