Another VF Day 9-1-07

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Got there just before lunch. Lot was getting full. Parking pass? go right in...

I figured that since the renisance (sp) festival, the state fair were going on, and being a laborday weekend, it might be an easy day.


Instead of local people going out of town or to the other events, people from out of town were comming in. Definately more people than I've seen all season. But I had not been back since late June.

The Haunt Hearse is out front again with a flat tire.

Season pass? Go right in...

Now I'm understanding one issue with CF. Since it was lunch time, I got some (6) buffalo wings and fries. I also had my sport bottle for the $2 refill. It totaled to $13.00 and some change! They were good but not $13.00 good. And that was supposed to be the combo!

So I choked that down because I knew the day was going to burn fast in the ques. Made my way back to HR to find the line out around the trees. Also notice 1 train operation. Skipped it.

If I'm going to wait for anything I might as well wait for Renegade. Got back there to find the line all the way into the middle of the switchbacks! Up until then I never saw it go much past the door under the station. 2 train opereration and the line moved pretty good. Very happy to have this jem at my home park! Line got longer upon every return. Had one longer wait due to maintenance check up. 3 rides total.

From there the obligatory run back to Excalibur. Once again, longest line I've seen there in years! This time to the first turn in the que and about 30 people out! And there were people in the station gates. 1 train. Hmmm...I think this one has had its time. Overbreaked at the top of the first hill. They don't fully release until the first car is at the bottom. Who cares how unique it is. I hate it. Good location for a new steel looper.

On to WT. What can I say? Still my favorite Morgan. Line out to 2nd switch back. 2 trains. Has almost been a walk on prior to today. Came back a couple of times throuout the day. Line actually got longer each time. To almot the 4th switchback. 4 rides total.

SV: First time back seat, second time front. Back for the air, front for the view. Why does it seem like the train goes higher when I ride. Almost like I can kick that stopper when I get up there. Get off and watch the next cycle, the train only goes 2/3 to the top. Whatever. Showing its age but still packs a punch. Ride ops were holding the line at the turnstile and the station was practically empty all day. Making the line go around the end of the ride. What is with that? Capped off the night with final run of the day. Back seat. 3 rides total.

All the way back to HR. This time the line was to the bottom of the ramp. Still 1 train. 3 cycles later, I'm on. zzzzzzzzz. Who is the Bob Barker of this place? Neutering rides like a madman! I swear I can run my fat ass faster than this poor thing. Needs heavy restoration. Despite the complaining I don't want to see this one go because I know it can do alot more like it used to. 1 ride.

Corkscrew? Puh-leeeeze. A true defficite to this park as this is the only coaster with inversions. Refer to comments on Excalibur. New video feature is making a draw. Station was full. Line half way across bridge. 2 trains. 1 ride.

Also mixed in with the coasters: Xtreme Swing, Power Tower, Enterprise and the Looping Starship. I haven't been on the starship in years. Used to hate it, forgot why.

Redeemed arcade points accumilated through the season. About 1400. Picked out some RC cars that might go to toys for tots this christmas. And choked down another 2 slices of pizza with a refill for $12.00. What a joke. I almost feel ashamed.

Corn roast was on from 11 to 4. Big line for that. Ate enough at the state fair earlier.

Looking forward to the Haunt and hoping there is more additions next year (B&M).

Thanks for another great season, VF!

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No walking taco? ;)

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I was one of those out of towners at Valleyfair yesterday. (From Cincinnati,Ohio).

Got in from Wisconsin Dells and decided to use my Maxx Pass to get a few rides in.

We arrived around 4, and in the next three hours managed to ride an amazing three rides.

Back seat of Renegade, Front seat of Renegade, oh, then saw a walk on Enterprise on my way out of the park.

Oh well, I'm going back today to try it again,

The parking lot was a scary sight indeed. Walked back to Excalibur, through the queue maze and down the ramp.

But hey, I went to a major amusement park, on a Saturday, in the summer, on a holiday weekend. What do you expect?

I'll be dropping by The Fair on Monday...

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