Another Six Flags Cool Coaster set is out

Hello all! I know some of us here bought the smaller Six Flags Cool Coaster toy last fall. I just got back from BJ's Wholesale Club (I'm in Mass) and they have a new big set called "Vertical Velocity," of all things. I'm not planning to buy one, but I thought I'd let you all know about this new one. It is $29.99 and has a ton of track, 4 launchers, and what looked like a holding brake(ala S:UE). From the box it looks almost like two different coasters that you build and intertwine. With one being a complete circuit, and one that looks like a launch and hold type. (do these launchers reverse?) If someone out there gets this set, please let the rest of us know what it is all about. Thanks!

Where can we buy something like this?

ThrillGuy said:
l. I just got back from BJ's Wholesale Club (I'm in Mass)

There's one place :)

S:RoS Yes, It is the #1 Coaster In The World....

Anyone have a picture of this or know if Wal-Mart will sell it like the other Six Flags Cool Coaster set?
BJ's is a New England wholesale club chain. like Costco or Sams. I believe that they are spreading into NY and NJ soon. These will probably turn up at all of the clubs. The box is about 2 feet tall by 1 foot wide and probably about 6 or 7 inches thick. Same cheesy graphics and artwork on the box but it's a big box this time. I'll let you know if I get the itch and scratch it, but truthfully I would love a set with a lift hill that uses gravity rather than these poor, noisy launchers.
We've had a BJ's here in the Buffalo area for a long tine now, and a new one moved in 2 min away from my house about a year ago. I might have to check it out, too bad I have no money....
I've heard of these before but, what are they?

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We had BJ's here on Cleveland's eastside since about 97 or 98, I dunno if they have your toys here though
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After looking and feeling like I would never get a set of the older one (the stores never seemed to have them in stock or knew what I was looking for), I found one earlier this year at SFGAdv's children's store! With my season pass, I got the discount for it too, so I was happy. :) I wonder if they will sell it there again. Where am I going to find the room for this and the two K'Nex theme park sets I don't have yet, though? :o
Apparently we have a BJ's here in Canton Ohio, but I don't have a membership to get in. I'll figure something out.
It's been a long time since I've been inside a warehouse club but I seem to remember that you don't need to be a member to get in. I think you are even allowed to make a purchase if you go to customer service and pick up a guest pass and want pay 10% or so more.
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Does anyone know a place online you can order additional pieces for the set? Or do you just have to buy another set if you want to add on? This is an awesome toy!
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What town is the BJs in? How many did they have and can anyone please find a pick of the vertial velocity set.
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I'm not sure if that's the Verticle Velocity set.

Nashville needs a theme park!

Im pretty sure that is not the V2 one but it may be, but I am very curious to see if it actually has a holding brake!!

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Thrill Guy, I live in Mass. too. What city was the store that you saw it in?

1-S:RoS @ SFNE
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3-Yankee Cannonball

I saw the older Cool Coasters set today at KB Toys in Nashville, but they didn't have the new V2 set (aww!). Maybe other KB Toys stores are carrying it though. Toys R Us had neither.
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Has anyone picked on up or found a picture of it. I looked at a local Walmart and couldnt find either of them, although I didnt have much time to look. I have 3 sets of "cool coaster" and adding another one would be awsome.
I just won an Ebay auction for what I believe is the second version of the Six Flags Cool Coasters set...the larger one with "real coaster sounds and riders screams". I have the smaller version too which I bought at SFWOA back in August. Besides the Vertical Velocity set which I don't have yet, are there any other versions of the toy available or are there just 3 sets?
Nashville needs a theme park!
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Anyone know where to get The K'nex launched coaster (Rippin' Rocket)? I've been looking in local targets and walmarts and toys r us's and I can't seem to find it. I live in preinceton NJ.

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