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Here's a TR of my trip to the horrible CAD event:

As soon as I got in the park, I headed for S:UF, to find out it was closed. Spongebob was open, so I rode that. Next, I went over to the Frontier Adventures section to ride the Runaway Train, Medusa, Rodeo Stampede, and RT. Then I went to the other side of the park. BTR and The Chiller were closed. Once I got to the station of Nitro, it too went down for the second time of the night. I rode Skull Mountain, and then left; by then I had enough of the rain.

I noticed a few changes to the park over the off season. They're listed below:

-There is a sign for Alcatraz right next to Superman.
-RT now has Seatbelts. This may be due to the fact that people kept standing up on the ride last year. The downside to this is that it now takes longer times to load.
-BTR is yellow (yes, I know we already knew that). It definitely was in need of a paint job, however yellow was a bad color choice.
-The swings ride was removed. It's really a shame that SFGAdv takes out rides faster than they put new ones in. Also, I don't remember seeing the round-up type ride, but I didn't really look for it. Can anyone confirm if that is still there or not?

To summarize, all I have to say is that SFGAdv has not improved. Actually, I think it has gotten worse. Starting off the year with four major coasters closed isn't very good. The park had the whole off season to get the rides running. Employees are also just as bad as ever. When the (rude) operator of Skull Mountain overheard some people complaining about the lack of open coasters, she said that we are all season pass holders that can come back anyway, so the park doesn't have to have rides open.

Couldn't the rain have something to do with why the coasters were closed?
Keep in mind this was NOT opening day! This was merely a gift to season-pass holders and an opportunity for new crews to work with the public before opening day. How can you judge the park on such an event?

The swings, I've heard, will be back soon. They're still undergoing annual maintenance. The seatbelts were added to Rolling Thunder because PTC sent out a bulletin requiring all parks with PTC trains to install seatbelts to their wooden coasters. All the Paramount Parks have added seatbelts as well.

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Round up is there. It was running today (opening day).

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From what I heard, PTC isn't requiring them to add seatbelts, rather *suggesting* they do...and you know what would happen if someone got hurt and it was found that the park didn't install seatbelts per the mfg's suggestion...

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PTC doesn't have the authoritah to "require" the seatbelts....the state DOES. Pretty sure in FL the lead agency for ride cert is the Dept of Agriculture, LOL...must be the "machinery" connection. With every state having different agencies inspect rides, it can't be that surprising that we have as many "failures" as we do....and the legal system is a *pretty crappy* way of dealing with accidents AFTER the fact, rather than having the gov't take the LEAD in *prevention*....

Swings ROCK, glad they're going back...although the JJF situation is "disappointing, to say the least"...As noted in various other threads, SF needs to be "ready", for Memorial Day weekend, that's when *Judgment Day* arrives...

As always, YMMV....

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