Another new theme park - Decades (Arizona)

Just thought I'd pass this along. Another Rock-n-Roll themed park. Please, check out the conceptual art! Some funny, funny stuff...creative too!

This park isn't a joke either. They are getting plenty of support to get it rolling out west according to one of my friends from Arizona.

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Yes, we've had news items over the past few years about this. I'll believe it when I see it.

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Is it just me or does the ride just in their 'conceptual map' that's just above the words "Compton Terrace" look like an old Toboggan coaster?

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Maybe its a new version "Giant Toboggan Coaster", or floorless..
Eloy seems like a strange place to put the park, but everyone here in Arizona (who has heard of the park) is rooting for it. It would heavily depend on tourist traffic in the winter, as summers would be too hot to be outside.,+az&ie=UTF8&ll=32.750323,-111.555176&spn=3.113621,3.960571&z=8
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The idea is solid. I loved the ideas about placing the cast in the appropriate "garb" of the era.

I have one question: In the 60's zone, will there be free hits of LSD in the sandwiches?

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