Another Intamin ZacSpin coming next year

I bet you'e thinking "What the heck is an Intamin ZacSpin?!" Looks like that is what they are calling the ball coaster now, according to And now a second one is being built next year at Terra Mitica, joining the previously announced Kirnu at Linnanmaki. Sounds like the rides will be identical as the stats are the same for both.

- Aaron K

It is one of the Coaster Ball coasters for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.

It is a launch coaster that fits in very small spaces.

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ZacSpin? Too much "Saved by the Bell"?

Still, cool-looking rides...wonder if CF wants to keep sticking with Intamin... :)

I can't wait. ;)
LOL too much saved by the bell, haha. They are interesting looking rides though.
The ZacSpin is Intamin's name for its chain lift driven Ball Coaster. The LIM driven Ball Coaster was not selling due to the cost of the infrastructure needed for a LIM coaster so Intamin decided to offer a cheaper version with a lift chain and a small footprint making it a very attractive ride for many smaller parks. *** Edited 10/21/2006 12:43:54 PM UTC by goofyrules***


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