Another Intamin @ CP and my theory of what's next.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002 7:53 AM

Interesting, interesting, and even more interesting. Alas, a part of the mystery is solved. Another Intamin coaster will be at CP. It's funny when a new coaster arrives at CP. My mind always wonders to what's next. First of all , this is unpredented for CP to build another coaster one year after the other. It changes everything ( this is a BIG deal ) . It use to be if the Point built a coaster it usually seem as if CP bought in "two's from the same coaster designer. Generally, I expected to see another coaster built by the same coaster designer 2 season later. After the Millenium/Wicked deal I thought I would not expect another coaster until the 04 season at the earliest. I was suprised and excited to hear that Intamin track was sited by Mean Streak. Can we see an Intamin Wood in 04 0r 05? Or did CP just buy two Rocket Coasters @ one time foe each park???? Anyway, I'm just excited as hell that another coaster is coming this next season.Can't wait for the official annoucement.

X is UP and it's RUNNING

Wednesday, August 21, 2002 7:58 AM

i wouldnt call what you have a theory really, but maybe CP/CF was just happy with the rides that intamin has built for them. or it is possible that Xcelerator did good, and now CP wants a rocket. but this had to have taken planning if its as tall as everything thinks its going to be. if MF took 2 years in designing/planning, then this had to have taken a while too.

also, keep in mind that compared to other coasters they have built in the past few years, WT was very cheap. MF = 25million, Mantis = ??, Raptor = 12 million, WT = 9million.

plus, its very possible that through this season, WT could already be paid off, and that they are ready to throw in another coaster.

the basic point is...everyone has their own theory about this park!!

#1-MF #2-S:RoS #3-WT

Wednesday, August 21, 2002 8:05 AM

Why do we need another thread on the same topic?

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