Another idiot scales a coaster fence.

Not much in the details so figured not to submit as news, but according to this site, a 16 year old scaled a fence to retrieve a hat and got seriously injured. What is wrong with people?

Boy scales fence

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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What's wrong with people? A lot.

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Maybe they shouldn't allow hats on the ride. Oh wait, they don't.

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My father almost lost his hat on Kings Dominion's Ricochet. Thank God he didn't lose it and then try to retrieve it.

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Wow... twenty seconds into that video and it already reeks of sensationalistic reporting. It felt wrong that throughout the whole interview the news reporters faulted the ride, when in reality the fair seemed to have done everything right and the fault lies in the guy who jumped the fence. I loved the fence is there for a reason quote.

A few weeks ago I saw a young kid bounce his basketball over the fence at Raptor near Derby Downs. His dad picked his kid up. I looked at him and said "don't do it". He ignored me and put him on the other side of the fence to get the ball and then lifted him back over the fence. Fortunately no trains came by. Not a smart thing to do.

If I saw a father do that I'd report it to CP Police immediately and encourage them to arrest him on child endangerment charges.

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I would be totally in favor of amusement parks and attractions suing guests/customers who violate any and all posted safety guidelines and warnings. It is time to level the playing field. Having to close down an attraction for incidents like this causes financial harm to parks and attractions, these businesses should be compensated for their losses due to the negligence of guests/customers.


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Clearly, people are wearing too many hats.

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Yeah, that idiot should not have been let on the ride.

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Even better, not let back into the park.

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This makes me wonder how many people "successfully" jump the fence, get their hat, and jump back without getting killed or severely injured. The number has to be orders of magnitude larger, which is astonishing to me.

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A lot of people must either be lucky, or at least have the intelligence to figure out how to maneuver through a low zone by watching the ride operate enough times--even if they lack sound judgment to refrain from attempting such.

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I think just the opposite (and remember saying this on a podcast way back when) - I don't understand how people manage to get hit.

There's nothing random about the coaster's path. It's the same every time. It's a lumbering mass of steel that follows the path clearly drawn in front of it.

How do you manage to step into that path? Seems as simple as not walking into traffic.

You'd think they'd hear that B&M a-comin'...

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I was at SFGAM once, and a guy was wearing a Daffy Duck hat, that he had just purchased in the park. This was on shockwave. The ride op told him to take off his hat, and put it in the bin and he refused. Well, guess who returned to the station without his Daffy hat. He demanded that one of the employees go and get it for him. Though it was nowhere in sight.

The girl told him politely, that he could come back to the ride at the end of the night and get his hat, if they could find it. But, they would not be sending anyone to get it for him. She said, you were asked to take your hat off, and you refused. So it's your loss.

He started acting like a total ass, until they threatened to call security and have him removed. The hat apparently cost $26.00, (One of those plush cartoon hats) Not sure if they ever found it. But, what a dork.

I have also lost hats on a couple rides due to high winds. One was on loggers run at Michigans' Adventure, where my hat ended up in the pond, and I could see it sinking. Brand new hat too. Also lost a hat on White Water Landing due to high winds, so, now I take my hat off no matter what ride I am on. Also take off my glasses, and keep my camera secure.

I was at Indiana beach once, and saw a girl taking video of her kids on the swings, and a big wind came up and knocked her into the railing, and splash! Down goes the digital camera into the water, and it was a nice one. All she did was throw her arms up, and go. Great! Just Great! Oh Well!

I felt bad for her. But, she seemed to get over it quick.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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The only hat I ever lost at a park was in the late '80s at Kings Island. It was a florescent pink Vortex hat that I had purchased the year before, and guess which ride I lost it on? Vortex. lol

I loved that freekin' hat. It went well with my strange-yet-awesome Vortex sunglasses made of some kind of reflective film that wrapped around my head and was attached in the back with a rubber cord.

I was a very stylish 14-year-old kid. lol

The only sunglasses I'd wear on Vortex would be the peril-sensitive kind.

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Lord Gonchar said:

Seems as simple as not walking into traffic.

Apparently, that isn't as simple as previously thought either....

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