Another fatal accident

There was another accident tonight at Playland in Rye NY a 20yr old female thrown from the Mind Scrambler and killed. This is so sad to see these things happening,here is the complete story.

It's sad to hear such bad news in the amusement industry so frequently.

what kind of ride is this? I think I remember someone saying a while back that it was an indoor scrambler.

They are saying she was an employee. I wonder how this happened?

It's an indoor Scrambler.
It was an employee...the news says she was trying to tell a rider to sit down. Details are not yet conference later this morning.
Sad news. My thoughts and prayers for her family and friends.

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Very sad.

The stand-up in Japan, Magic Springs Power Failure, RWB's derailment, STOP, and this all in the same month..... I'm glad we're are getting out of June..........................

The mind scrambler is one of my favorite rides at Payland. It's your basic scrambler, but it sits inside a bubble dome...kind of what you would expect to see at a covered tennis court, only this one is completely round.

If I'm not mistaken, the height limit for this ride was raised from 42" to 48" when the last accident occured.

Last time, it was a patron who was not sitting correctly and who tried to stand. This time is was an employee who sadly paid the ultimate price for not following the posted rules (Including the rule that says employees can not ride in uniform).

This story has been airing all day on our local all-news stations 1010 WINS and 800 WCBS AM.

It is sad for everyone, including those who love this ride.

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It was also reported on CNN that at Boomers in Florida a girl injured her head on a tea cup ride. Not sure yet how badly.

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Yikes. :( All of these accidents seem to happen at the same time.
Here is the story about the boomers accident.


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Geez. Not sure what else to say, except that it sucks. Too bad for the victim and family... this type of thing shouldn't be such a frequent occurance.
It sucks she was an EMPLOYEE and she wasn't even setting an example for other guests, well kids that's what happens when you are stupid and don't ride correctly. My condolences to the family though.
A few other reports give some conflicting stories. In one, a vendor said she was struck by the moving ride when she was trying to tell a rider to sit down.

The second's a bit ambiguous. It said she was loading passengers when impatient riders began yelling for the op to start the ride. The operator couldn't see the other employee and began the ride, throwing her from the car where she was. It said she was kneeling on the seat. It doesn't explain if she was intending to ride that way, or was doing something else inside the car when the ride began moving. The employee killed was a 7-year veteran at the park.

^I was just thinking that, I only read the story from the news post, which said she was kneeling when riding, but then theres so many other stories, I'm wondering what actually happened.
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Two thoughts:

1.) If the woman was on the ride and the other op started the ride without seeing her, to my knowledge, no Scrambler starts at full speed, and the usual speed is easily enough to try and get out of the way.

2.) If she was a 7-year veteran, that would mean she was 13 in her first year... Isn't that a violation of child-labor laws?

I'm probably wrong on both.

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