Another drop tower rope break!

I can see what you mean about adjustable restraints and how it would not necessarily tell if someone truly is in the ride correctly or not. I also don't see how it is safe OR fair in some ways.

For instance, I saw a man try to get on El Toro, and he WAS NOT that big. He might have been 250 pounds, but he didn't look like that was the case. He wasn't even FAT, just a stocky guy. The restraint system wouldn't hold him in. Me on the other hand, I'm about 185, but I have a very large behind and thighs, but somehow, the restraint was always fine for me. I cannot honestly imagine how this dude could not fit in the ride and I could. It seems kind of arbitrary, and thus, not very safe. Plus, what about the super small or skinny people? Is the automatic restraint system going to hold them in if all's it is doing is telling the ride op that the bar is LOCKED? It still might not be tight enough to hold in a little kid just tall enough for height requirements. Still, I don't think rides should go back to a flat binary lap bar/OTSR. But really, what is to be done more than the systems in place that these rides have?

I think that one of the problems, and I KNOW this is going to be a hated opinion, is that companies are working to make the restraints less obtrusive and more "free" for riders. People want to feel as open and unrestrained as possible on many of these rides, and there is an inherent danger in that. I know many people don't like OTSR for rides, and they don't like seatbelts along with their lapbars. Still, perhaps the most safe thing to do is INCREASE the amount of restraint on rides. If a ride is ejecting passengers even with seatbelts, maybe, HONESTLY, we should have stricter, extensive restraints. Sorry, but that would be the easiest way to prevent some of the ejector type accidents.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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