Another coaster for Hard Rock Park

Hi -

Does anyone know the name - or indeed any other details - of the Zeirer Racing coaster which is apparently currently under construction at Hard Rock Park? Thanks.

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I believe it's a Flitzer called "Racing", not a racing coaster.

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Sorry, poor phraseology. It's late over here :) I know that it's a Flitzer (several of which have been named Racing or similar). I was just wondering if it was a new model or a relocation from somewhere else etc and exactly where it's located in the park.
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Why is this the first time I'm hearing about this? Duane doesn't have it up...but he's been busy I suppose, since al the HRP coasters are "under construction".

A Flitzer, huh? This is BIG news to if my incentive was running low, LOL... :)

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Here is a picture of a Flitzer. The one at HRP looks exactly the same...

It's just a temporary attraction until the park can get Maximum RPM open (haha, like that'll ever happen... ;))

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I had read that they were actually putting this up as some sort of test or preliminary setup for a new attraction, or something similar to that on a trip report but DantheCoasterman's explanation sounds just as plausible.

I watched a pov of a Flitzer here:

Looks like a gas.

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Flitzers are great, akin to Wildcats.

AV Matt
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Looks like the Reithoffer Racing Coaster (same paint job). I know they had 2 on their fair circuit and seems I heard one of them was for sale a while back. Great choice for HRP although it kinda looks a little "too portable" sitting there like that in this park.

Speaking of Zierer, the "Flying Trapese" at Flamingoland is an expanded Flitzer. Kinda like the Jumbo Jet were to the Jet Stars.

Nice pic of the FT at Flamingoland.

Really fun ride! Too bad there aren't any in the USA. Or is there?

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^There is actually only 1 stationary FT operating (SI2 at Blackpool).

It's the one that was at the Broward County Fair last year Martin.

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^Hmmm, that's weird, Broward County Fair had AoA as the rides vendor last time I was there (granted, that might have been 5-6 years ago).

I *need* to get to HRP while the Flitzer is operating. It's a LONG drive for a weekend trip, but...wonder if there's a way to catch this ride open *and* catch Max RPM? (You know, assuming they let the Flitzer run out the season)...for that combo, I'd make the trip.

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Man, I've always wanted to ride a Flitzer.

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Flitzer's are definitely more fun than they appear. Very compact but the quick turns make it seem much faster than they really are.

Hopefully this one won't be braked too much. I have only been on the one at Playland in Ocean City, NJ and it seems like every time you pick up any speed, you are slowed down at one of the many brakes on the ride.

Plus the capacity is going to be horrible, figure an average of 2 riders a car, 3 dispatches a minute is only 360 riders an hour (and could be lower if they added seatbelts like Playland did after the accident on the Zamperla Mouse at Gillian's in 1999)

I usually only ride it once a season.

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