Another B&M question

Saturday, February 10, 2001 1:16 PM
I think B&M designs the smoothest coasters. Does anybody think that might have to do with the 4 across seating, or is it just great design skills?
Saturday, February 10, 2001 1:26 PM

Design skills and the wheel asembly. Intamin does have atleast two four across seaters, Batman: The Escape and Flashback.
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Saturday, February 10, 2001 2:01 PM
Batman: The Escape??
Saturday, February 10, 2001 2:35 PM
Im sure he meant Superman:The Escape ... ;-)

As far as B&M trains go ... I'd love to ride those 8-across trains like on Oblivion or G5 used on a ride design like Medusa or Kumba ... that would really be something!

Imagine Raging Bull on a Floorless 8x2 train ...

Raging Bull, Apollos Chariot, Nitro ...
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Saturday, February 10, 2001 3:03 PM
Actually, there is a Batman: The Escape. It's at Six Flags Astroworld. I don't know if it 4-across seating or not, though. Can anyone verify?

Also, S:TE has 4-across as well. It's 3-across in the front row each car, though, isn't it?

Matt Lynch
Co-Webmaster, Kennywood Boulevard
Saturday, February 10, 2001 3:06 PM
Batman The Escape is 4 across seating.
Saturday, February 10, 2001 3:07 PM
Batman The Escape is an Intamin Stand Up at Six Flags Astroworld. It originally was at Six Flags Magic Mountain, then Six Flags Great Adventure, and then Six Flags Astroworld

That was back when Walt and Claude worked for Intamin as well. Same as Flashback
Saturday, February 10, 2001 3:08 PM
Batman: The Escape is four across. I believe the coaster was originally located at SFMM.


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