Another 10 Looper

Again from my searching on RCDB that i found a rollercoaster tied with Collossus for most inversions.

I dont know if anyone else has seen this but from my knowledge this thing has been running under the radar.

Does anyone know anymore about this coaster than the stuff on RCDB

I heard about this a while ago!

It is a coppy of Collossus!

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It's interesting... Intamin has actually sold several looping coaster designs with almost identical layouts, but the number of inversions varies.

Monte Makaya, Flight of the Phoenix & Avalancha all have eight inversions, designed with a triple heart-line roll into a small helix.

Colossus and Tenth Ring Roller Coaster have a series of four heart-line rolls, followed by a 180 degree turn, and one additional heart-line roll.

So for essentially the same amount of materials, you could just as easily build either one.

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Didn't know about that China one--good find, Audioslaved.

Another red and blue Intamin, though. Hmm...Superman: Ride of Loops? Ride of Nausea? Ride of Monotony? :)

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With that many loops, it has to be Intamin. ;)

FYI: It's orange...:)I'm not a fan of orange but those two colors work extremely well together! *** Edited 11/29/2006 9:53:16 PM UTC by mudinthevayne***

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^ Orange? Looked like red from those photos on RCDB. Orange and blue are nice colors, though I think I'd prefer a brighter orange and not a redish-orange.

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Orange... Red...

Is it sinking, too? ;)

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