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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had used a kennel at a park. The only 2 parks I know that have them are CP and SFGADV. What other parks have them? And if you used them how much did they charge and how did you like it?




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I used the one at Six Flags Magic Mountain which was free. Our dog seemed fine afterwards, but I'm not so sure I'd do that again. We did check on him twice during the day and took him for a walk.

There is a pretty bad kennel cough epidemic in racing greyhound kennels right now do I'd be leary of public kennels at the moment.

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I wouldn't do it. I'd leave the dog with a family member where she can run free and not be crammed into a tiny cage in a stinky, bare, florescently lit room filled with barking dogs.

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If your dog didn't have fleas beforehand, It will ft aferward.

Chuck, who doesn't even advise taking your pet into petsmart for this and other reasons.

Just go to Knoebels where you can bring your pet into the park and let them enjoy themselves with the rest of the family.
Rob you can really do that? Spencer my dog on a coaster!! HAHA


I was referring to the experience of being able to allow your dog to walk in the park with you but if you want to try getting it to ride a coaster, I'm intrigued to hear your results :)


Believe it or not, the other week at Europa Park I saw people walking their dogs in the park!

As for kennels, Disneyland (and DCA ;)) has one, and I'm assuming the same for WDW.

Matt, yes, all four of the Disney parks in Florida have kennels. Universal Orlando also has a kennel. However, I'm pretty sure that none of them are free.
Just a note:

After a quick check on Europa Park's website to make sure I wasn't imagining things, they do indeed allow dogs into the park provided that they are on a leash.

A little more research led to the fact that Holiday Park does the same thing! Oddly, they don't allow certain breeds (including pit bulls) according to the website.

I seriously can't imagine taking my dog *into* the park, but it seems that its possible in Germany!

Hershey Park has a kennel.
Universal orlando's kennel is free if you have an AP
Yeah but Universal Orlando also gave someones dog to an other person last year. Does anyone know what ever happend about the dog they lost. *** Edited 5/14/2005 8:54:27 PM UTC by supermandl***

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I've never seen a dog on a coaster at Knoebels, but I've seen many of them eating ice cream.
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Holiday World has a kennel. Holidog's Inn!

I can't wait for the *big* announcement June 16th!

I think my dog Buster would enjoy the ice cream more than a coaster. I think it would be neet if there was a way to take them on your favorite coaster with you ;) I have always wondered if an animal would enjoy the trill?

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#1Park: Holiday World

Dog on a coaster you say? CLICK HERE
Although Knoebels doesn't allow dogs on the coasters I've seen those little rat type dogs on the train already!
Wow. That's crazy. I have always wondered if a pet would like a coaster but I love my dog too much to risk having him freak and jump out.

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

When we go on vacations, we usually board our two dogs... two weekends a year when we take them to Ocean City MD (their "Doggie Vacations" as we call them) beign the exception.

As for where we board them... the "animal hospital" tha twe use is now "animal hospital and kennel"... so we board them there. Knowing the doctor and the staff, and seeing how clean the facilities are... we trust leaving them there. Plus, the facilities are Air Conditioned. Also, if while we are away something would happen, God forbid, the Doctor is right there.

Granted, we don't take it lightly when we have to board them, and for the most part, we work around it... but when we have to, we at least are confident about this place.

If our vet would close his kennel for what ever reason, we would look very long and very hard for a new place to board them. So... that beign said... we certainly would NOT dropp them off at a park's kennel for the day.

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