Angry Birds publisher finds unauthorized theme park game in China

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Angry Birds publisher Rovio is seeking to cash in on a Chinese theme park that has created a real-life Angry Birds game without the company's permission. The Window of the World theme park, located in the Chinese city of Changsha, opened the new game this month, calling it "The Real Version of Angry Birds". The game allows visitors to catapult bird-shaped balls at targets with an actual slingshot. The iconic cartoon characters from Angry Birds are also used in the promotions for the game.

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So not only did they rip off the game, but they borrowed an idea Conan did 6 months ago.

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Licensed or not, this sounds like one midway game that I would actually pay a couple bucks to play.

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I'm amused at the rampant copyright and trademark infringement in China. The fake Apple stores were particularly funny.

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Doesn't Worlds of Fun have an Angry Birds-ish game by Dominator? Is that an "official" Angry Birds game?

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I've seen Angry Birds plush prizes this year... but I can't remember where. I assume it was Cedar Point.

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Hersheypark has an Angry Birds game right under SooperDooperLooper. They have Angry Birds plush and flags as prizes, and the game is to shoot a red ball in to one of the green pigs' mouths with a slingshot.


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I saw Angry Birds plush prizes at Kings Island this year. I have a pic somewhere...

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^ I have a pic too: Me with an angry face standing next to an Angry Bird. >:-|

Gonch - - - > I had never seen that clip before and I think I now have a new science fair project for my class. Thanks for posting was histerical!

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Yes, there is a game that all but screams Angry Birds at Kings Island. It's got Angry Birds plush, and you use a slingshot to launch balls to knock over neon green cups/cans. Oh yeah and the targets have a backdrop scenery panel that looks just like an Angry Birds level. But the game is NOT called Angry Birds, it goes all the way up to the line but doesn't cross it.

You can find it on the corner of the Games building where you turn to go to Firehawk and Flight of Fear.

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It seems like Angry Birds have taken over all the parks. Dorney has a goblet toss game I forget if it is actually called Angry Birds Toss or not but the prizes are all Angry Birds and the color of the bird you win is the same as the color goblet the ball lands in.

Great Adventure and Dorney both have a ton of skill cranes with Angry Birds in them too.

Ah, so the Birds are actually Angry about all this copyright infringement...

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The recent This American Life episode talked about the Worlds of Fun game that was Angry Birds-esque. On a related point it was cool to hear the names of a few coasterbuzz folks in the credits of the episode.

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