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Does anyone have experience with the ride hopper app fom the android market? I downloaded but haven't used it yet. Might go to worlds of fun today and wanted to check the accuracy of the wait times from the app before sweating my but off. Currently it says wait times are about 25 minutes at the most.

I've tried the app (it's available for iPhone too) and it's fairly useless at most parks. There simply aren't enough people submitting times to make it accurate. It's rare to see times updated on the same day as your visit, let alone in real time.

Thanks for the input. Of coarse when you read the comment people had said good things about it but that's why I wanted to check with some buzzers to see if y'all had more input. I'm guessing it is accurate for some places like disney or CP but probably not enough people updating at the lesser pop parks. Anyway thanks again. Might still go just waiting a while parks open till midnight tonight.

I tried the app a couple of times, and if anyone was actually entering data, it seemed pretty accurate. But as Phantom said, it's pretty useless when you don't have users entering the data.

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