And then, Shamu ate a pelican

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Sorry if this is old, I did a search and didn't find anything.

I would say these people got their money's worth.

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That's some awesome circle of life stuff right there. Now I "believe."

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Marine mammal improv. No ad-libbing, please. Stick to the script.

I liked the first video off to the side-- where the whale knocked the trainer right off the deck with its tailfin.

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Wow! That pelican had a death wish! Stupid bird.

Glad the trainer didn't seem too injured. You just forget how MASSIVE those animals are until you see things like this.


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Wow, and the band played on! Do you think they got a "time out" after that? ;)

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I have been told that these animals still have their predatory instincts even in captivity. The pelican was there in the pool hoping to snag some fish but instead paid the ultimate price by getting to close to its predator.On the other note I was surprised that they didn't cut the music off then when the whales were not behaving to the flow of the show. I have been to the Blue Horizons shows at Sea World in Orlando a few times and it got preempted by not complaint animal behavior. The first time I was there the false killer whales wouldn't leave the pool and the show had to be called from there. The 2nd time I was there and the show was interrupted, the Andean Condor wouldn't fly across the stadium on que, That only stopped the show for a brief moment. Both times the music was cut off.

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The hold grudges against Bo Derek too sometimes.

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They really went after it too! It was a frenzy. Odd that there didn't seem to be any announcement.

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Sawblade5 said:
I have been told that these animals still have their predatory instincts even in captivity.

Told? I thought that was pretty obvious from the video. ;)

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