Anchor Bar opening location at Darien Lake

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Buffalo’s well-known Anchor Bar franchise will be cooking up wings in a whole new way this summer, with the opening of its newest location at Darien Lake Theme Park. The new in-park Anchor Bar opening will coincide with the first day of the park’s 2013 season on May 11.

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While I haven't been to the actual restaurant, I've had the sauce in various places, including home. Really good stuff.

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Tim Horton's and now the original Buffalo Wing place...mmmmm :)

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Frank and Teressa's original Anchor Bar was pretty awesome. Those wings were CRISPY and delicious. An excellent place to hit between Waldameer and CW/MFI/Marineland....

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I dunno... I we stopped at the original location a few years back and I wasn't too impressed. I mean, the wing weren't *bad* they just weren't anything special. And they were expensive. More, I thought, than should be charged for wings. And the fact that the pop was RC Cola in a can...

Now, that's not to say I wouldn't eat there again. And if we made a trip up to DL this year, pretty sure I'd have to eat at that location. I do love me some wings.

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Gawd, I saw the mention of the anchor bar and I gained like 14 gray hairs. I haven't been there in 16 years.....since college (UB) I feel like an old poopy pants. Carry on...

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I'm wondering if we'll be seeing more regional franchises appearing in parks (e.g., Skyline at KI, Pink's Hot Dogs at Knott's).

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After my last visit to Darien Lake, I am not so sure even those delicious wings would make me want to return.


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