Analysts are buzzing at potential buyers for Busch parks

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Theme park industry analysts are buzzing that a small group of suitors, including Disney and foreign companies, may be emerging to make a play for Busch Gardens and its sister theme parks, currently owned by beer giant Anheuser-Busch.

Read more from The Tampa Tribune.

OK, I'll comment... as much as I would love to see Disney go for it.. I don't think they will. I'd love to be proven wrong though.
They do this & tey'd have a virtual monoply of the Florida Market.
I'm with you, CPJ: I just can't see Disney doing this.

My money is still on Blackstone and Parques Reunidos.

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Sorta like Cedar Fair Parks in Ohio????

Of course tourist/revenue dollar wise.. no comparison.. But had to be said..

If Disney did buy the Busch parks, would they be doing a Six Flags/Cedar Fair thing by over-extending? I hope CF does not buy them.
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Until they improve their debt situation, CF can barely afford to buy rides, let alone buying more parks. More debt would force them to cut the dividend, and then there would be rioting in the streets of Sandusky.
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Disney has built parks specifically to compete with Busch (Animal Kingdom for example). I don't know what that means about whether they would or wouldn't buy, but it's interesting.
Fortunately CF does not seem to be in a position to buy them.
Yeah, as much I see these as being quality parks for Cedar Fair to scoop up...I think they should focus on what they already have...
assuming Cedar Fair could purchase the parks, I'm struggling to imagine Sea World Orlando.. $60 to ride Kraken and Journey to Atlantis....

Seems a little steep to me without the animals.

That would be great if CF could buy these parks, but I think they should stick with what they they.
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^Great for CF, not so much for the parks...

Still hoping that whoever does buy is committed to those ideals of ecology, education, conservation....that doesn't exactly sound like CF to me...


CF's view of ecology = "This is where the trees used to be"

CF's view of education = All you ever wanted to know about the creative use of cement

CF's view on conservation = "Look... we saved this one tree..."

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Can't see Disney interested in them. Disney builds parks from scratch and doesn't buy them out. Plus, would Disney really buy a park that sells beer internally? CF is already fully extended, and I don't think has too much additional room for purchases. Which leaves some other entertainment company or capital group. Hmm. what about Miller-Coors :-)
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They sell beer in all the WDW parks except for Magic Kingdom, so I really don't think they'd care.
Maybe the EU can invest in BGE, Morocco or Egypt can get BGA, and the National Park Service for the rest.
What about NOAA for Seawold?

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