Anaheim approves zoning change for low-cost housing near Disneyland

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Anaheim City Council voted 3-2 late Tuesday night for a zoning change that would permit construction of condominiums inside a 2.2-square-mile area that was set aside more than a dozen years ago as a resort district. The housing proposal includes a 26-acre parcel just a few blocks from Disneyland and across the street from Disney-owned land that could someday be the site of another theme park. Opponents said it would be a bad precedent to allow non-tourist uses in a district that brings in about $70 million in hotel bed taxes each year. Disney and local businesses say they'll force a public vote.

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How much free land does Disneyland own now.

Is it enough to build a new theme park

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Check out the patch of green in the lower-right corner. They own that and the employee parking lot just above.,-117.915444&spn=0.012303,0.015771&t=h&om=1

I guess the city doesn't think Disney will bring in the hotel room tax revenue as soon as they'd like. That and they probably think this wouldn't affect their plans too much and they need the property taxes now. Maybe they thought their plans for the third park sucked. ;)

And maybe it's a ploy to get Disney to buy up the land.

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