An Idea for the Parks

Put an RFID chip in the tickets Video camera's thruout the the park that will pick up the RFID and put you and your friends on a video of your trip put some ads in the video and you can give them away.Great advertising for the park plus when you the video of having fun in the park you will want to go back

Somebody beat you to it.

Apparently Alton Towers installed the system, even though the clueless company actually uses a ".biz" domain...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

Are there any other parks besides Alton Towers that's installed this?

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Doesn't it seem that whenever someone gets an incredible idea, he finds out that someone has already though of it?

I personally wouldn't want cameras following and keeping a record of my every move. What if I get caught picking my nose of something?

I could go a lot further and be a lot more dramatic with my disapproval of everyone being followed and "tracked" by video, but I am kisnd of tired of being dramatic.

Does Alton Towers allow one to opt out? Do the follow everyone and then try to sell the video or do they make you sign up first or purchase the video first?

You sign up first, get the RFID wristband, and then the cameras track wherever the wristbands are. It's completely voluntary ;-).

What's cool though is at the end of "YourDay," you simply turn in the wristbands and a DVD is burned in about 5 minutes!

I could not find the info on the AT website, how much does this run? Of course, I'll get the answer in pounds and not dollars but I'll do the conversion. This does seem like a fairly cool idea to me, now if it could just cut down on the morons that try to take pictures while riding and create very painful missiles when they lose their grip.


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

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Since it completely voluntary, it sounds pretty cool. As much of an ego-maniac that I am, I wouldn't buy this, but I would love to see someone else's DVD.

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I think it's a cool idea as well. I am not sure I would buy one or not but I can see it being very popular, especially with families, newlyweds, etc. :)


As I understand it, the idea is that there is a standard promotional video, and there are selected spots in the video where there is a clip which gets replaced by the video taken of YOU in the park. For example, there might be a clip showing a coaster cresting a lift hill...if you rode that coaster, then you will see a clip of *yourself* riding the coaster as it crests the lift hill. If you were in the right places during the day, you end up starring in your park video. Anything you missed, the stock footage goes in.

It's a cool concept, really.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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"tit crests"

Do they keep ads out of the equation, is the video saturated in advertisements, or is it somewhere in between?

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