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On my school's band trip, we went to many places over the course of the weekend before this one. Here's the experience I had.

Me and a group of people from my marching band went to Family Kingdom two saturdays ago(4/12) and had a blast. We left around 1 PM, which is when the park opens. We all got all day passes and set out for some riding. First ride of the day was a music express ride called the hurricane. Wasn't that bad, just like any other ride of that type that you'd be on, but it also went backwards. No wait.

Next up was the tilt-a-whirl. Those things make me very sick. Again, no wait.

Then, it was time for the Swamp Fox Roller Coaster. What an excellent ride! On this ride, we taped our friend Rick riding in the back with a broken arm. It was so great! On this ride, my friend I was riding with, Tom, had his hands up and on one of the turnarounds, his right arm smacked me right in the head. Still no wait!

We then ventured over to the Slingshot Drop Zone, the parks new "Drop" ride. This was a very lame ride. You rocket up, sit there for about 45 seconds, then you go down at like 20 mph. I never rode anything so lame in my life. This ride didn't have a wait either.

We all then rode a 40 second long Log Flume with a 20 foot drop. Very lame and no wait.

We then saw an interactive dark ride called the Pistoleros Round-Up. Next to Swamp Fox, this was the best ride there. We had a tournament to find the Pistoleros King. It only took us 20 minutes because we were the only people on the ride. All walk-ons.

We then rode a pretty cool gravitron which left me quite quesey. I liked it, but I didn't ride it again. Yet another walk-on.

I was in line to get cotton candy when my friend Braxton, who had his video camera on again, snuck up behind me and shaved of a bit of my hair with an electric shaver thing. I still have a big bald spot on my head.

We had a few more rides on the Swamp Fox and we went back to the hotel.

Later that day, me and a few other coaster enthusiasts in my band headed a mile down Ocean Boulevard to the Myrtle Beach pavilion to ride the Hurricane. Since admission was free, we didn't have to stay very long to get our money;s worth of an all day pass. We paid $4.25 per each ride, but it was well worth it. My friends with me: Luke, Bryan, Rick, Tom, and Andy, all enjoyed this monster ride all four times we rode it.This ride was a great first drop, excellent air time, and good pacing as well.

Right next to the pavilion was Ripley's Museum, Ripley's Haunted Warehouse, and Ripley's 3-D Adventure. The museum was cool, the Haunted Warehouse was terrifying yet spectacular, and the 3-D adventure motion simulator rides were one of a kind!

This trip to Myrtle Beach with my marching band was one of the greatest and most thrilling weekends of my life.

Band trips are the best! Last year I went with the band to San Antonio (actually, today, at this exact moment I'm typing this, is when we laft to come home) and we went to SeaWorld and SSFT. This winter we are going to Orlando to perform at the Tangerine Bowl and go to USF and IOA.

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