Amusement parks try to diversify with thrills and family attractions

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Roller coasters still rule the amusement park, but in the shadow of twisting steel serpents and rumbling wooden towers, a gentler landscape has been taking shape this summer. Parks have been adding more family fun to the entertainment equation, balancing out the thrills.

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Kind of a bad article. I mean, choose your thrill level on Skyrush? Umm...if your "family thrill levels" are usually rated as somewhere in the moderate to sheer ecstatic terror range, then there is a range of thrill depending where you sit...but even then, how do you choose your thrill? They assign seating!

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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Do they really assign seats? Bummer. I only rode during ERT due to pretty long lines during the day, so there was no attendant telling us where to sit....very thankful for that.

Hershey does a really good job at providing a wide range of rides, shows, and attractions....the waterpark and the zoo REALLY help to round out the line-up and create a truly all-ages feel. Just wish they hadn't put the waterpark in that confined space....but perhpas the *rumored* (LOL!) removal of Roller Soaker is an attempt to create some more room for waterslides, etc.

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The headline to this article doesn't grab me at all. I read it and say, "Well, of course." Is this really something a non-enthusiast would be surprised to hear? If it is, consider me a theme park expert, because I could easily offer "little known" facts about the industry like the parks offer water ride to cool visitors off on hot days, and lines move slower on busier days. lol

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