Amusement park rides breaks in India. Video goes viral

Uhhh. Wow!

EDIT: If you're easily disturbed, don't watch this. -J

The video, which shows the moment an amusement park ride in India breaks and crashes down violently, has gone viral on social media platforms.

The tragedy happened in Mohali on Sunday evening, September 4, according to information gathered by

There were at least 16 hospitalizations, according to reports.

Children are among the numerous victims who were hurt and taken to the hospital.

The Phase Eight Dushera Ground in Mohali was hosting a show called London Bridge, according to the information Mandy News obtained.

Due to the fact that it was the first Sunday in September, many individuals had brought their families to the event.

According to information obtained, the Drop Tower swing was being used by roughly 30 passengers.

The swing hit a technical fault when it descended violently while spinning at a height of roughly 50 feet.

According to reports, the swing’s operators quickly took off from the scene after the incident occurred.

You can watch the video below, which is currently trending on Twitter and other major social media platforms.

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Is it a drop tower that didn't brake properly at the end? Or is it a ride like the Windseekers or a Huss Condor that is designed to lower at the same speed as the ascent?

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This is absolutely bonkers to see. It’s the worse case scenario played out on camera.

I keep wondering what kind of injuries those people will sustain given the abrupt stop at the bottom. I feel so incredibly sad for them.

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I wondered that too, Brett.


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It appears to be a scenic ride and not a drop tower. Here is another video I found on YouTube from a few weeks ago.

Edit: relevant footage starts at around 1:25

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I am not easily disturbed and I gasped and said, “oh my god” when I saw that. Although the ride appears to have landed almost completely flat and no one got crushed or fell out, I am guessing they’re going to have some pretty serious injuries of the spine, hips, and brain due to the sheer force with which the ride hit the ground. I pray these people end up being ok. Truly horrifying.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

Maybe I'm seeing it differently, but it looks like there are at least a couple of riders thrown from their restraints. You are right, though. I'm sure there were some pretty serious injuries.

I’m sorry, those rides look like straight-up homemade jank.
I did notice a really speedy Ferris wheel that looks like thrilling fun. But not a restraint or a door in sight, so no thanks. Can you imagine?
I know we have our share of stuff over here, but I’m so glad we live where we do. I also felt shocked and sorry for those kids. They were like rag dolls. I hope it’s not too bad for them.

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There are definitely people who are thrown out of their restraints. This is absolutely nightmarish in a different level.

That ferris wheel looks terrifying. And even a proper ride cycle on the ride that had the accident looks nauseating and weird.

At first I thought it was a Rock o Plane. Turns out no…

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