Amusement Park Food Survey

Hello everyone. I'm currently doing a research project for two of my classes, on the topic of amusement park food. If you could a few minutes to take the survey linked below, I would greatly appreciate it!


Survey Here

*note this survey is posted with prior permission from Jeff.

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Will you be sharing the results?

I can do that once the project is totally over, at the end of this semester.

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Need to get Rib-B-Q and frozen sweet tea in southern parks...

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Swait tay?

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Survey is now closed, thanks to all who responded! Results will be posted in the coming weeks.

Results can be found here. Note that only points of interest are included. Thank you again to everyone who responded!

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Your first pie chart has no labels.

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That's actually just a picture of a pie from an amusement park.

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Thanks Jeff, problem is fixed. The labels must've been lost in uploading it to drive, they were definitely there in the powerpoint file.

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