Amusement Department Store?

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Dave's rollback certainly has an interesting item today....and it got me to wondering, what exactly is "on display" at such a place.

Googling Amusement Department Store led to this page, where rides and manufacturers of yesteryear are listed:

I know Coney, and later to a degree Palisades, served as "proving grounds" for many new rides and concepts. But was there actually a physical storefront where you could go and pick up "off-the-shelf" rides like a bartlett Flying Coaster for instance? That would be uber-cool....the closest things I know of today would probably be either Europa Park, or Celebration Centre, where a manufacturer showcases THEIR rides in a park setting.

ProSlide usted to have (and may still own and operate) Mont Cascades Waterpark in Quebec where they often prototyped new waterslide concepts.
Somewhere in the back of my mind is a discussion with some fellow coaster historians where the Department Store of Coney Island was mentioned.

It really wasn't a store but a conglomerate of rides and attractions with the Coney Island Bobs, later called the Tornado, as the centerpiece attraction. Originally the coaster was boarded in the center of the complex and the turn leading to the tunnel had a carousel to the right, as its centerpiece. The name for the coaster carousel was called the Bobs Roundabout.

The carousel was later removed and the loading area was changed to the section before the turn into the tunnel. Later a walk-thru attraction called the Harem was added near where the original loading area was. Other shops and attractions covered the Stillwell Ave. side *** Edited 5/30/2008 3:44:52 AM UTC by OlympicParkFan*** *** Edited 5/30/2008 3:48:41 AM UTC by OlympicParkFan***

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If I remember correctly I Believe that Darien Lake was once a Huss rides showroom kinda thing.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

Would S&S's facility qualify? I think that's where they test their prototypes.
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^S&S's production facility in Logan, I believe, is what "morphed" into Celebration Centre. Got to visit there last fall.

Here's a few videos, please recognize them as amateur footage, LOL.
Sonic Boom:
Snow Shot:
Sky Sling:

Also, is anyone familiar with the "relationship" between NGBS, Intl. and Schlitterbahn? There's definitely more than just a contractual relationship involved.

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Very interesting! (more so than "what's up" with CF's food service at least!) ;)

Interesting info about Looff and Illions.

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The carousel manufacturers I learned about at the museum in New England (near LC). That place totally rocked - got me right in the nostalgia zone. :)

Herschell, Eyerly, and Watkins.....I found out about by pestering the old-timers who know all that stuff. I still need to get back to SCBB, the ring machine was broken during my one visit when the park was actually running...

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