Amputee denied boarding at Movie World, lashes out against those who can ride

Not really news, but I wanted to share this with you guys. A lady with both her legs amputated above the knee was denied boarding on a coaster at Movie World and, in this article ( , has some interesting things to say about this.

I'll save you the trouble:

"Able-body people are killed and injured on rollercoasters all the time, but able-bodied people are still allowed to ride."

I can't begin to express how much this statement enrages me. The article even mentions the Darien Lake incident yet doesn't investigate even an inkling of the real safety reasons behind the park's policy.


Since when are "able bodied people killed and injured on rollercoasters all the time"?

So that makes it okay to put physically challenged guests on all the rides at any given time? And whats up with that shoe in the photo?

Oh, my. I just realized the name of that site: "Gympie Times."

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Get down off the cross honey - someone needs the wood... Oh err... Hmmmm...

Just because this woman is a paralympic medalist doesn't mean she is capable of doing every physical activity. Would she be willing (with her one hand) to sign a waiver releasing the park from all liability in the event something happened to her or another guest while on one of these rides?

People, and society in general, have to accept the reality that there are limitations to what they can physically do and just wishing it could be doesn't always make it so.

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This probably what the attics would have been at darien lake if the veteran was not allowed to ride.

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