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June 29, 2002.

We left Indiana early this afternoon and arrived at LeSourdsville Lake at about 8:00 pm. We decided to hit this park now since it didn't seem like an all day park. Parking was $4. We wanted the all-ride wristband to get a lot of re-rides and my mom decided to pay as she rode. The first ride was going to be Screechin' Eagle. My mom has ridden this coaster before since she worked at this park and only lived about twenty minutes from it. Screechin' Eagle was the oldest woodie that I'd ever ridden until then and it was a lot of fun.

Screechin' Eagle was my 60th coaster! It's a nice coaster for this milestone. I had to ride in the front seat. There's a single seatbelt for both riders and funny lap bar that comes down from on top of the car in front of you. It doesn't go down very far, so there's plenty of room for airtime. Good thing that's seatbelt's there because there's a spot of ejector air. We make a turn out of the station to the right and climb the lift. The anti-rollbacks are bolts! Anyway, we drop, hit a hill, and then turn to the right. There are some camelbacks and a nice spot of ejector air before the turnaround. There are nice laterals in the turnaround and the drop off it is fun. The return trip is classic out and back: hill after hill after hill packed with airtime. The front seat is nice, but the back is the best. You're at the end of the whip and you soar like an eagle down those hills. Every hill has some airtime and some even have ejector air. There's one spot on this ride before the station that's a little strange. You climb a hill, and then jerk to the left, but it's not too bad. I rode Screechin' Eagle nine times including three night rides. This is one fun coaster. 7/10.

Serpent was what I rode after my first ride on Eagle. I don't like the low capacity of this ride, but it's not bad. A five-minute wait isn't worth complaining about. I rode two times, both in the back. The restraints are simply seat belts, but there's no need for them. Schwarzkopf was a man who liked positive G forces, and these forces are sure to keep you in your seat. The drops are fun and there's an awesome triple helix. Keep your hands down since those supports come close enough to give you some hurtin'. At the end of the ride is a small section of unbanked track that gives great laterals. 6/10.

I also rode The Whip. At least that's what I think it's called. It's a classic whip ride with ten cars. The wait was only two minutes and this was very fun. This was my first type of ride like this and the whips are a lot of fun. I loved facing backwards in the whips since it looks like you're going to slam into the barrier. 5/10.

I tried to ride the kiddy coaster, but when I got in line, the ride op just laughed at me when I said I wanted to ride. She asked me why I would want to ride that ride while laughing. Instead of explaining to her that I wanted to get my count up, I just left.

The park didn't look quite done. They had some of a swinging ship up, but the boat could be seen resting near the second hill on Screechin' Eagle. One thing that got me was this opening near Screechin' Eagle's turnaround. There was a big opening between two buildings where any idiot could just walk to the ride and get themselves killed. I also noticed that ride ops didn't check heights of shorter kids. This park seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Hopefully they'll straighten up as the park operates longer. This place is also more like a carnival than an amusement park. The ride ops seemed like carneys because they had missing teeth, three fingers on one hand, and were constantly smoking. Americana gets a 3.5/10.

I was asked to describe X in one word. The word? -- OhmygoshwhathaveIgottenmyselfintothisisthescariest

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Congrats on 60! Nice TR.


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