American Restoration restores ice cream cart for PA park

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Rick's Restoration on History Chanel's American Restoration had a new episode today.

Treats & Feet
Premiere Date: 04/25/2012
Rick battles a brain freeze when a 1940s Good Humor bicycle pedals into the shop. Can he deliver a sweet solution to this sticky situation or will this cold cart be forever frozen in time? And later, a client brings in a 1920s Atwater Kent art-deco radio. Can the shop fine-tune this airwave apparatus, or will it be nothing but dead air for this rundown receiver?

The customer mentioned that the Good Humor bicycle is for an amusement park in PA. I'm curious to see if anyone can find it at one of the parks this year. :-)

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It's going to Kennywood, but instead of serving ice cream, they'll be selling frozen margaritas to all the local drunks waiting in the queue for Thunderbolt.

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For some reason, this thread screamed "Idlewild" to me...does anyone really "know"?

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I was curious where this was going myself. Unfortunately, I fell asleep watching and didn't see the end result. Time to search for a rerun.

They have also done several items on American Restoration for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

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There wasn't anything revealed about the park in the show. Though the guy was so happy about the item he was considering keeping it himself if the park had any hesitation in purchasing it.

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My guess would be Hershey park!

I person that owned the bike said that "there was a man that owned an amusement park in PA that was interested in it" Now how many family owned parks are left in PA now? Knoebles, DelGrosso's, and Waldemeer, I think that's all. Now after the restoration was completed Rick said that he should be able to get fifteen grand for it. Frankly I can't see any of the above spending that kind of money on it. Dick would have bought it as is and restored it in house.

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