American Eagle at SFGAm(good news!)

Friday, May 5, 2000 7:58 PM
Today they had a private event going at SFGAm. I pulled in to check out the Eagle run since its right by the road. Wow, for the last several years this ride has been a dissapointment as far as braking but after watching it a couple of times they had it going full speed. As soon as it dropped down the first hill it never slowed down. The helix was going at a full clip and the return bunny hills were flying. Hopefully they will keep it like this the whole year since they retracked the whole ride and they increased the height minimum from 42 inches to 48 inches. Whoever has been on this ride I think our prayers have been answered. P.S. I am sure its still rough but if it goes full speed then I am happy.
Saturday, May 6, 2000 4:42 PM
I can image how awesome that ride would be with no brakes

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