posts video of Medusa in action

Posted | Contributed by xbombman has posted off-ride footage of Six Flags Marine World's Medusa, the west's only floorless coaster.

Link: America Coasters Network

Cool! I was there yesterday and that ride kicks ass!!!
SFMM went from Amusment Park to Xtreme Park.They skipped Theme park :)
I totally agree with you Xtremerider86!

"Duff Man Says... Ohhhhh Yaaaaa!"
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1)Raging Bull 2)Millennium Force 3)Medusa (SFMW) 4)Vertical Velocity (SFGAm) 5)Dueling Dragons (Ice)

These videos theymake rock!
Go To:
In my opinion, it's better than the original one built @ SFGA
i like the origional better....
Nitro!!! #1
I think I'm going CRAZY! . At 40 secs to 50 secs. in the video the backround is strangly reminicsant of X ?. The Colors and every thing look like SFMM's X! some one help me! 
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What? That is Kong, the park's Vekoma SLC.
Thanks Taipan! I've never been ;(

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