Amazing K'Nex Kingda Ka YouTube video

Alright, I was browsing YouTube for K*Nex coasters and I found a video by: coastercrazy10 on a 20 foot replica of Kingda Ka he/she built. Damn, the thing is taller than a garage! Also if you view his/her profile there is also recreations with KNEX for Joker's Jinx, Nitro & More. Just thought Id share.. sorry if it is against the TOS.

S:ROS = <3
Wow, At least this one runs!
Meh, I think it would have been more effective to either

A. Use a smaller scale (perhaps along the lines of 1ft=100ft to make it about 4.5 feet tall, instead of approx 1ft=20ft.

B. Make a life-size model 456 feet tall. :) (...or not?)

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3 month construction process? How do you get that car out of the garage? ;)

Must have had a lotta time on his hands!

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That's some pretty amazing stuff.....well done!

Is coastercrazy10 a poster here? If so, he should raise his hand and get some props... :)

After the discussion on the one guy spending a lot of time riding XCelerator being viewed as sad by some, if that dude were a poster here, he'd probably be scared to say anything... and do we REALLY need another thread of people saying that other people's opinions are wrong? We already have one "too much time" in this thread. Perhaps he really has a tight schedule, but maybe this is his passion so he sacrificed sleep to build it? ;) <--- Note the winkie

"Life's What You Make It, So Let's Make It Rock!"
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If everyone just lived in SoCal or FL and rode in November-March, those arguments would virtually disappear. Those of us who don't HAVE an offseason are much more relaxed in the Winter months...

Maybe build some ice slides? :)

Or an indoor park or 2 a la Utopia. It doesn't HAVE to be the desert. It would be anywhere!

(For those who don't know, I'm referring to the fictional novel Utopia by Lincoln Child... great read for a coaster/suspense lover)

"Life's What You Make It, So Let's Make It Rock!"
The Nitro recreation is insane. How many of those sets would you have to buy to build that? I could see it causing quite a lot of friction if this person still lives at home--"Jimmy, I can't get to the washing machine!" "But mom, it takes hours just to video record the ride because it's moving so damn fast.":)

dannerman, I think there's a huge difference between coaster simulation,--whether in the realm of the computer or model building--and riding something six-thousand times (or whatever the number is).

With coaster simulation, you are always building your skills up to make either your current coaster or the next coaster better. Whether using No Limits (or the like) or building a model coaster, if you've got a rollback, you've got to figure out what went wrong and fix it.

Yes, it is incredibly time consuming, but it's rewarding when your train makes it to the end of the course. To me, riding something thousands of times doesn't teach you anything due to its passive nature.

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