Amazing Day @ SFGrAM Sunday 5/23/04

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Monday, May 24, 2004 9:34 AM
I planned on going to Coasterbuzz Con on Saturday, but when my friend arrived at my house at 7:30am and we started making the 1/2 hour trek to Great America, it was raining so hard on I-94 halfway there that we turned around. Glad you guys still had a good time though :)

Sunday morning woke up and it was raining pretty hard again. By 10:00am it cleared and I decided to take my chances and drive down. Got to the EMPTY park around noon. Weather was sunny and hot -Stayed a total of 3 hours or so and got to ride on everything I wanted:

Deja Vu - 15min First Time in the very front for me(i'm usually a back seat junkie) and I must say being pulled up the spike with nothing in front of you was a bit scary (but great) I was not fond of this ride in the past, but I have really grown to like it. The maintenance guys here must be working extra hard to keep it open as I have been able to ride it 5 times already this season - it's only been down once when i've been there. Great ride.

Raging Bull - 3 min Front row, awesome ride as usual - my favorite in the park.

V2 - 5 min The very back seat is for me :) I LOVE THIS RIDE.

Superman - 5 min Rode the very front (usually sit in the back) but since the line was so short I went for the front. I like this ride, but I would not wait and hour for it like I have done in the past.

Batman - 3min First row again! This relatively little guy packs a mean punch. Very intense! Great ride.

Ate the buffet at the Crazy Buffalo Saloon - very good.

On the way out hopped on Whizzer - walk on and let the park.

All in all - a great day that made up for missing the con the day before.

They were water dummy testing Rajun Cajun, but it was not open - I watched the car run the course, but I noticed it did not spin at all. King Chaos was not open either. *** Edited 5/24/2004 1:37:29 PM UTC by Carl***


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