Amazement Park on Facebook

Anyone start playing Amazement Park on facebook yet?

Not really sure what I think. The idea is great, especially from a marketing standpoint. Looks like you can purchase tickets to an actual Cedar Fair park, straight through the game.

The game play seems decent... so far. Reminds me of the old Bullfrog game called "Theme Park" from the early 90's. However, I really hate facebook games, simply because of the whole "wait 10 minutes to make 2 coins," deal (yeah, I know, that's how they keep you playing). Oh, and the fact that you have to invite friends to actually get deep into the game. But that kind of makes me wonder if this game will actually become a facebook hit, which I think would really help Cedar Fair stick out from other chain amusement parks (Six Flags).

Any one else who's started playing have any thoughts?

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Does Six Flags' Facebook game even exist anymore?

I spent about 2 minutes with it until I realized that it was another of the...

Mathyou said:
"wait 10 minutes to make 2 coins," deal (yeah, I know, that's how they keep you playing). Oh, and the fact that you have to invite friends to actually get deep into the game.

..."games". That's not gameplay. That's milking you for your time in exchange for ad revenue. I sincerely hope it's not a success, and that facebook "gaming" of this type dies and dies hard.

Whenever I'm hard up for a new coaster-related game, I just re-install RCT2 and go "Oh, right, this is what an amusement park game is supposed to be."


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I had about 17 seconds of interest in games like Mafia and Farmville until I got sick of seeing everyone's updates and invites. Thus, I didn't want to annoy my friends with the same, and also I despise the general functionality of Facebook which shows everyone every stupid little thing I do.

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You should try Google+.

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Oh yeah. Facebook has games. I'd nearly forgotten now that I've blocked the announcements from all of the ones my "friends" play.

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People definitely fall into two camps when it comes to Facebook. Some (former Myspace users, I'm guessing) embrace every stupid "app" they can find, others block it all and stick only to social interaction. That Zynga (the Farmville company) is about to go public seems insane. I don't think it will last.

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Typically, I'm the guy who blocks every stupid "app" so my news feed is clean(er). Occasionally a new game sneaks onto my feed, which is how I found this game. I figured I'd give it a go since it was amusement park related. After playing around with it for a few after my first post, it caused me bail and crank up RCT2 again. Seems like Amazement Park is a year or two late on the facebook scene, since you can now block apps easier. Which is too bad, in Cedar Fair's case.

Zynga's going public at a great market valuation than either Activision Blizzar or EA. Heck, it's IPO will value it more than Hasbro and Mattel combined.

It is that crazy, and I never got the FarmVille, Mafia Wars appeal after kicking the tires for a few minutes. The only Zynga game that's a guilty pleasure is Words with Friends.

They do make money, but the margins aren't super-awesome.

Be interesting to see how things scale as they grow---and it appears they might.

Paris said:
The only Zynga game that's a guilty pleasure is Words with Friends.

If it makes you feel any better, that's not even really a Zynga game. Zynga publishes it, and bought the guys that wrote it last November.

I hate Zynga, and with the exception of Words With Friends, I do everything I can to avoid their products and encourage everyone that'll listen to do the same.

Here's an article that nicely sums up the root of those feelings for those interested. It's a long read, but you get the gist of it rather quickly. Interesting, if sickening.


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I happen to think that the gaming industry in general is an affront to the profession of software development, but that's just me.

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I'm the "block all apps" kind of guy too. I find Facebook games very, very annoying.

I messed around with this game for a little bit this weekend. Did it make me want to visit a Cedar Fair park? No. I did however have a strong urge to play RCT 2 again for old time's sake.

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Absolutely addicted to Bejeweled Blast, it's what got me on FB to begin with. Currently playing College Town after exhausting Country Life. Never got into FarmVille, Mafia Wars, or any other FB games. Pretty sure I'll check out the new game once I get home.

The social interaction aspect is very cool, can't tell you how many people have told me they've found friends they lost touch with 20 years ago (and yes, I am among them).

Gator, what level you at on College Town? I was at 153 before I stopped playing 3 months ago due to lack of wanting to spend that much time playing a game on Facebook. Right now I am game free in my household; no Ninetindo, X-Box or Wii, and I gotta tell you I like the free time I have now.

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^Level 203 or something silly. Almost quit a couple times when the Level 5 Gyms stopped working, but both times they were fixed within a they don't run the ads and seem to work perfectly as "normal" venues. No gaming systems in our house either, all online...

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I have almost EVERYTHING blocked out. I blocked out the games right away, and eventually blocked out all the apps. I no longer do the "what year will you die" or "what where you in your past life" stuff.

The only ones I really used were the coaster counter (which is gone now) and how many states I have been in. Actually, I am highly cautious whenever I have to exit my secured connection or if something wants to access my info. There's too much dangerous and annoying crap going around as it is.


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Coaster Counter is gone? Shows how much I pay attention. I've never kept my track record here on CB as accurate as the Coaster Counter one. Guess I may be missing a few rides now.

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I didn't know it was gone up until about a week ago. Someone else had mentioned it. Apparently it's been gone for months, so I didn't pay much attention either. ;)

The one on here is the only one I have kept up-to-date for the last 10 years. I used to have several at one time back when keeping a "track record" was new and exciting. ;)


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