Alton Towers sued again by neighbours

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A couple have launched legal action against the owners of Alton Towers, the country's most popular theme park, claiming that the noise from thrill-seekers is making their lives a misery.

Read more from The Telegraph.

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Why can't they just leave Alton Towers alone. They'll never get a new roller coaster with all these bans and restrictions.
Because they have money for the taking through the legal system - why else?
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Funny, none of the residents next to CP, Geauga Lake, or any other parks complain.
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I guess, anything to make a buck...
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Knott's has "complaining neighbours syndrome", as do (just off the top of my head): SFA, Dorney, IB, PKI. It isn't JUST a British *proublem*...;)

Unless you lived there befoure the park, I just don't have too much sympathy.

Alton does strike me as having the wourst neighbours of anyone, though...;)

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^ Too funny! ;)
I think I'll sue my neighbors because their kids are always screaming in the garden and it is making my life a misery.
Doesn't the UK have some law about you moving TO the nuisance? I am sure Alton Towers has been there longer than they have. If you moved there, you knew about it, and if you didn't know about it, it was your job to educate yourself about it. I understand the limits put on Alton Towers, but the noise factor will not be remedied any time soon.

But Really, why don't all these old crows just move away if they can't stand the noise? Personally, I'd love to live near an amusement park and get season passes.

OK, now I'm launching legal action against the interstate and railroad a mile from my house; the teens next door who blast their steroes; the inconsiderate morons who mow their lawns and trim their bushes with power implements; the thunder that sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night, etc.

I won't be happy until there's complete and utter silence.

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The residents were there before the park. They didn't choose to move next to an amusement park.

I guess it all depends on what you can stand. Somehow the interstates were built without too much of a problem next to houses that were there first. Heck, I live a quarter mile, maybe a third from I-71. At the end of the next street there are $200,000 houses built last year that are barely fifty yards from the freeway.

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Even if they were there after the park, I'm sure it's constantly expanding. Not to say it's the park's fault for creating the noise, but the neighbors may not have been aware of the consequences of their location.
Alton Towers as done alot to help keep the noise down, but I quess it's not good enough for some neighbors.

BTW, Geauga Lake dose have it's fair share of neighbor complaints. They complained up a storm when SF wanted to build a hyper coaster.

first of all, there really are no interstates near alton, lots of small roads. second of all, house prices in the UK have pretty much skyrocketed over the past few years... if your house is depreciating then you have full right to be pissed off. i think it's fair for them to sue and to win the right amount of money their house would have gained... but no money for their misery. if they are smart they'll sell and move out.
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I don't care if there are interstates there or not, that wasn't the point. The point was that different people have different tolerances for noise. Furthermore the article didn't say anything about their property value, only about their "misery." How do you prove you're miserable?
From the article:

But he said that residents had had "no success whatsoever" in getting Alton Towers to control visual intrusion, noise and traffic.

I would hardly call a park that spends millions to bury their rides in the ground below tree level uncooperative. Seems to me they do more than any other park I can think of to control "visual intrusion", and still not good enough.

I agree with others, I suppose I should sue my city for misery due to the jet planes that roar over my house daily. Or the constant noise of the freeway that was built long after my Grandma originally bought the house. Get over it, the world is noisy place, move to Antartica if you want complete dead silence. Most people like me just block out the noise after awhile, you just get used to hearing it, becomes nothing more than background noise.

Better yet, just sell me one of these houses cheap, I'd love to be able to walk from my house to enjoy B&M goodness and watch fireworks from my backyard!

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This really does annoy me - the neighbours had the chance by law to object to the rides before they're granted planning permission - to make a case some years after the most recent 'noisy' ride has been installed is ridiculous and from a legal point of view won't even get a hearing!
The neighbours complain all the time and object to any new ride that is proposed. Basically any new ride that the Towers propose they doesn't fall under a general development ruling ( meaning they don't have to get permission), will be rejected.

Last year At proposed to install a pay as you ride hot air balloon ride that would soar to about 500ft giving people fantastic views over the country side. The neighbours rejected it over the noise it would make.

You have to remember though, that these people have been there since before there was a park, are elderly. and have seen traffic increase through the tiny village steadily over the last 20 years. The villagers want a relief road built to take away the traffic from the village.

While I have no sympathy for the majority of the complaining for these people that have loved there so long I feel they deserve some sort of compensation.

Why to I have this image in my mind of a bunch of people like Hyacynth Bouquet (spelled "Bucket") living next to the park? "Oh dear... All of that noise will interfear with my 'light-tea-and-garden-party' for the new magistrate. Richard, do go over there and do something about that."

(anyone famliar with the British sit-com "Keeping Up Appearances" will know what I mean)

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