Alton Towers says ditch work for coasters, businesses not amused

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Staffordshire theme park Alton Towers has been accused of encouraging absenteeism after it launched a promotional website called Critics say the site is irresponsible and promotes absenteeism.

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Pretty amusing concept. 'Irresponsible'? Perhaps, but if these 'critics' would take the site's advice, maybe the iron rod in their ass would loosen just enough for them to actually remove it.

Technically, doesn't every park promote playing hookie, with their discounted ticket prices and coupons for weekdays only? How dare Alton actually say it in plain English.

People whine too much.

Now that's just weird.

"Irresponsible"? Oh, please.

If you know Alton Towers you know many of their coaster are built in ditches, or trenches. When I first read the headline I thought we might be hearing about a new coaster!
Fight the Man, Alton Towers, fight the Man!
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Hey man... it's a nice sunny day out here.

I think I'm gonna just call in sick the rest of the day & take a little trip out to Six Flags!

Thank you! I've got coaster-fever now. I might lose my job because of you.

Some people will complain about anything and everything. The people who are complaining are the ones who the site is targeted to (people who need to get out and enjoy life more).
You think the Alton Towers would complain if their own employees ditched work to go ride coasters elsewhere?
Yes, but those employees would choose to do that. They're free to choose to do that, as are the people reading that website. Anything to keep the lawyers in business - this whole world would be a lot better off if the legal profession was outlawed ...
I'm shocked! Shocked and disgusted that Alton Towers would undermine the work ethic like this! This is simply unbeliev...

"Hey, ZB, stop surfing coaster sites and get back to work!"

"Yes sir..."

Now THAT was classic! =) Nice one ...
A noticable lack of a sense of humor on the part of the local small business association. Especially considering that the web site doesn't advocate sneaking out of work. It simply says take a day off and come out. What's wrong with taking a day of your vacation to go to the amusement park? Or maybe these businesses follow in the English tradition of Ebenezer Scrooge and don't give their employees any vacation.
The last paragraph in the CNN story cracks me up.

"Absenteeism costs the U.K. economy some 10 billion pounds and I'm sure Alton Towers wouldn't like it if their staff took time off unjustifiably to go to Chessington World of Adventures [a rival theme park]," a Federation spokesman said.

"time off unjustifiably" -- so you need to justify vacation time?

Bad example for a "rival theme park" -- both are owned by Tussaud's.

That was my very first thought upon reading the article, GregLeg.
Do the opposing busineeses realize that by creating such a stir over this web promotion that it has made CNN news's list of Top Stories, on the USA edition of their website, let alone in the UK, that all they are doing is helping put the Alton Towers name in front of millions that would not have otherwise even heard of this promotion.

This promotion will probably turn out better than Tussaud's wildest dreams.

This is basically just the extreme version of Six Flags' new national campaign. Six Flags tells us Americans to drop our rakes, lawn mowers, chores, to leave class while it is in session (Spring Break edit) and tells us to board a school bus headed by a paradoxical old character of bald and specter wearing form that dances like a teenager.

Alton Towers tells English people to completely ditch work. Hmmm.

kRaXLeRidAh, as intellectual as you sound, if you're going to use big words, at least make sure what you're saying makes sense. You're kinda shooting yourself in the foot.

I can't see anywhere where it "tells" people to "completely" ditch work. I see it says "Escape the workplace rat-race..." That's not exactly the eleventh commandment you know. It's a slightly entertaining spin on "Come to Alton Towers mid-week and save a bit of money."

If that's the best that the FSB can come up with to justify their membership charges, I know I wouldn't bother with them. I'd love to see some sources on the £10 billion figure too. One looney representing a bored-out-of-their-brains organisation doesn't exactly scream credibility.

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The irony I see is that Europeans in general take off far more time than us Yanks do.

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