Alton Towers quiets down

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Park turns down its loudspeakers to comply with a court order pending appeal. Neighbors complain their lives are a "nightmare" with the park noise. The appeal hearing is set for April 11.

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This could turn out very, very bad for the park. But you can't blame the people, noise is very anoying and only few can bare with it. A large employment entity vs a crown of pissed of people.
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You sure can blame the people, because they're hypocrites. Remember the story about the people complaining about the noisy business they own in another neighborhood? I have no sympathy for them at all.
The thing here is how long the couple mentioned in the story have lived outside the park. If they've lived there before the park was there (I'm not familiar with Alton Towers so I don't know how old it is) they have every right to complain. If they have only been there a short time and complaining, what did they expect when they moved in?

At my old high school, the neighbors behind the school were complaining about kids being around their house before and after school, and the school is well over 100 years old. I'll leave everyone else to comment on this.

If I remember the stories right, these people moved in after the park was already established and began their crusade to get it to basically shut down (seems like that's the only way they'll be happy). The ironic part is as Jeff said, they own multiple businesses that are not only under fire for their large noise pollution, but air pollution, and urban blight effects. So, they're completely hippocritical, and depending on how morbid you are, note their ages ...
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Wow, I feel so bad for Alton's park management. They do so well to comply with these stupid neighbors, try to provide a safe and fun amusement park for all ages, but yet they keep getting screwed over week after week because of the neighbors from hell. I can't believe the courts have let this go as long as it has, let Alton Towers be, and let these neighbors know if they don't like it, move the hell out. Alton Towers really needs to get the support of their season passholders and all those who support their successful theme park, because they are losing a battle they should be winning. I'm tired of seeing this on-going feud, if I lived overseas there, I know what I'd be doing right now, protesting the neighbors right in front of their house. Alton Towers has been a good neighbor, they've complied before with being under city codes, and keeping the noise and traffic under control. Why has this not ended yet?
Actually the Ropers lived in their house before Alton Towers was a theme park, it was merely the towers and gardens open to the public when they moved there, so on that basis I can understand their complaints. If something noisey was to open up near me I wouldn't be happy, unless it was a theme park of course.

However, they are obviously out to try and get as much money out of the park as they can, and as Jeff pointed out, their factory generates a lot of noise itself. The fact that they tried to get the fireworks banned shows how horrible these people are, the fireworks finished by 7.30pm so it was not like they were going on all night. Did they try and ban their neighbors fireworks on News Years Eve and Bonfire night (a night celebrated in the UK with fireworks on Nov 5) - no they didn't, because they knew they wouldn't get any money for it. GREEDY, HORRIBLE, PEOPLE.

I've got to agree with Grant on this one, they were there before the park was. However, the fact that they are complaining about AT whilst their business generates complaints of a similar nature about noise (which I believe is 24 hours a day) smacks of utter snobbishness and hypocrisy.

People in glass houses...


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Kickthesky, I have heard worse around here in Kansas City. In this case they moved next to a noisy area and started complaining about it and won. The Ropers in the other case was there before Alton Towers had noisy rides.

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