Alton Towers planning new roller coaster

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Top-secret plans are being drawn up for the most expensive ride yet at Alton Towers. The new ride is set to open for the 2013 tourist season and will top the £15 million spent building the Th13teen ride which opened last year.

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Won't be hard to top Th13teen in any way, I guess that means a woodie is out again, as I doubt even The Voyage today would cost more than Th13teen.

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I read about this a couple days ago and wondered whom would make it and how it would be a one of a kind? Will this get the same treatment as some of the early dive coasters? None allowed within so many miles or in this case no where else from the manufacturer? What ideas do you think it could have that would be unique?

Given that Air was advertised as a world first by Alton, and the Worlds first element was "the first coaster to put riders in the flying position in the station", I think expectations should be kept low.

A sizeable amount of the budget could be spent on digging, like they did for Nemesis or Oblivion in order to get round the strict planning rules.

What is the exact reason for their height rules?

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NIMBY, basically. No one in the area wants to see rides above the tree tops. On the one hand, it kinda sucks. On the other hand, Alton has to be more creative.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I guess that sort of makes sense. I hope to some day get to visit this park.

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It's a drawback to a degree, but when you incorporate "limits" on B&M rides, it tends to bring out the best of their creativity...add in John Wardley for theming, and you've got a clear....winner. While I thought AIR had a bit too much "on your back" flying, it was overall VERY cool to stay so low to the ground - a prelude to Manta, in a way. Nemesis and Oblivion are plain awesome rides...Nemesis being one of the best inverts EVER... :)

What does Alton Towers really need (other than the obvious answer of a wooden coaster)....a decent roadway to get there!

rollergator said:
What does Alton Towers really need (other than the obvious answer of a wooden coaster)....a decent roadway to get there!

...and in come the neighbours again... they complain about the amount of traffic on the local roads and then object when Alton Towers puts forward the proposal of a major link road to the nearest dual carriageway, at their own expense, they complain again and the idea gets shot down... so Alton Towers now take the view of "deal with it" to the residents....

But yes, the height limit is a good thing as John Wardley has a brilliant creative streak - even without height limits to worry about he's great - just look at Nemesis' "brother" at Thorpe Park - Nemesis Inferno... and the guy that fitted the sound system is awesome.. look up in the station above the tracks and you see two giant subwoofer cannons vibrating away happily rumbling the ground around you....

bring on sw7!

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Oh wait...

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