Alton Towers monorail question

Does anyone know how many trains it is capable of running at a time? Or typically how many are on?

I know they have a total of 9 or 10 trains but don't see how they could possibly run them all on the roughly 2 mile long track.

I ask because I want to build a similar monorail for my HO scale themepark and the Alton Towers system is basicaly the system my sets are modeled after. (E-R Monorail).

I looked at a google satellite view and saw 2 trains on the track passing each other near the middle of the ride. Didn't see any other trains on track, but perhaps there were 2 loading/unloading in the stations.

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I've seen five or six on at the same time. Not sure I've ever seen more than that.

There are nine trains: Splash Landings, Mutiny Bay, Explorer, Moo-norail, Celebration, Daisy Train, Jelly Bean Train, Strawberry Train and The Fish Bowl´╗┐.

The system is just shy of 2 miles long.

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Thanks for the reply, can't even imagine 5 or 6 at once lol. Wonder how they keep them from getting too close to each other.

Did they ever have ten trains? Maybee when they were still grey with the colored stripes? There is at least one trains worth of cars sitting on the ground near the service center on the bing shot. I think this view is before the repaints...or do they still have white roofs even though the rest is all coloerful?

Sorry for so many questions, just very fascinated with monorails especialy the larger systems like this one.

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As far as I know there was only ever 9, I could be wrong. They invested massively in infrastructure during the 1980s. It wouldn't surprise me if there were spares.

I'm not sure I've seen any of the new trains from above (your opportunities are limited given the route).

Don't forget you can Street View your way around Alton Towers (I've spotted the Jelly Bean train here).

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