Alton Towers for the timid

I've been recommended to ask this question here by a friend. Please be gentle with me!

All my life I've been scared of rollercoasters. I really don't like the "dropping" feeling that you get on the big hills (I have nightmares about it!) BUT I do really like speed and twisting turns and such. I've been on the runaway train ride in Phantasialand in Germany, and I really enjoyed it; does anyone have any ideas which rides at Alton Towers I might be able to try? - Oblivion is not an option ;) I'm going for a friend's birthday soon and don't want to be too bored...

Thanks :)

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I haven't been there, but I bet Rita would be right up your alley. It's launched, doesn't have an big drops, and does a lot in terms of turns.

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Alton coaster rides for you: Spinball Whizzer (now Sonic Spinball apparently), Beastie, Runaway Mine Train, which is highly recommended. Rita has good speed and is fun without much in the way of drops (in "our" world, that's a drawback, LOL).

Nemesis, Air - you should check out from the ground and watch a cycle or two before deciding.

Oblivion, and Thirteen....probably not your cup of tea... ;)

P.S. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...very solid attraction - *simulates* some hi-speed motion. Enjoy at your own risk.... :)

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I was just about to post Rita but Jeff beat me to it. It's a straight launch and isn't very high. You can look at pictures of it Here and Here.

Also, a Google search of "Rita POV" will likely point you in the direction of a video with Point of View footage.

Hope that helps!

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I would guess Air and Nemesis would be okay for you. My wife can do some coasters, but like you, does not like anything with a huge drop. Strangely enough, however, she can do stuff with a twisting drop in it, ala Montu at Busch Gardens, Tampa. She can do any of the Beemer inverts and/or flyers and that sums up Air and Nemesis for you.

I actually got my wife onto Kraken at Seaworld, Orlando, even though it had a straight drop. I told her she would be so restrained in the harness that she wouldn't feel the drop. It worked and she ended up loving the ride. Afterwards she claimed that she didn't feel the first drop. She tends to do much better on anything with a harness as a result.

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I'd guess your friend would be good on all AT coasters bar Oblivion, and perhaps 13. Alton's building restrictions have prevented the construction of any significant drops, bar Oblivion.

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Well, I went - and I went on something!

I was all geared up for Rita but sadly it was closed for maintenance; I'm really disappointed because I looked up some POV videos and it looks ACE. So I didn't manage to get on that, but I did go on the Runaway Train, which isn't as good as the one at Phantasialand in Germany - the only "coaster" I've been on until now - but I still really enjoyed and then I plucked up the courage to go on Air and I LOVED it! I'm still not sure I'd manage Nemesis because loops scare me still, even though I've now done twists on Air. SO I may be a nascent coaster fan...but you still won't get me on Oblivion ;)

Thank you for your help!

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Well congrats are in order. Honestly, if you can handle Air, there's not a whole lot more aggressive/intense around. I don't think Nemesis is that much more of a "step up", if any at all. Oblivion I'll give you, and Th13teen as well. Glad you got on the Runaway Train, that's a pretty solid (powered) coaster - lot of good powered rides in the UK it seems. Did you manage Spinball Whizzer - that's a really fun ride as well, not too tall or out-of-control, and no inversions at all.

Have to admit, along with BGW, Alton is a park that seems like it was designed with Halloween events in mind - I could easily get more scared along some of those trails than i could by any of their rides...absolutely love AT!

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