Alton Towers 11Dec01

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Thursday, December 13, 2001 11:43 AM
I befriended the CS manager this year, by showing off  me Alton Towers tattoo! I went to the park 11 Dec as he invited me to have a look through the archives...WOW! There's loads of historical pics, paintings and documents there, and did you know that the Hex story (untill the bit about the vault) is true?!  The tree is in the woods, park up next to the goods entrance by Oblivion, and follow the path over the road, its still got the chains on! Its really scary, anyway....I was buzzin being able to drive my car around the park..and got a photo of it next to the towers!and some VHS footage of the lift chain on Air being installed, the entire track (inc the tunnel!), but no bloody trains! missed 'em by 1 day...gutted, but, nah, I had  a wicked day.
Just like perfection, floorless...needs no correction, no other, floorless... absolutely floorless. The Ones.

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